Boyfriend Tianshi Shoji

Boyfriend Tianshi Shoji

Boyfriend Tianshi Shoji

Introduce sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a very special underwear. It is mainly different from ordinary underwear is sexy, creative and attractive.Boyfriends are generally divided into many types, such as lace, mesh, and tulle models.

Know the size of your boyfriend underwear

The size of the underwear is a key point.If you want your boyfriend to wear comfortable, it is essential to consider the size.Under normal circumstances, the size he usually wore is mainly adjusted according to the material of the sexy underwear to ensure that it is more fit.

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The color selection of the boyfriend when buying a boyfriend underwear

Black is one of the favorite colors of men, but in terms of sexy underwear, it is not necessarily the best choice.First of all, we need to consider which color he is more suitable for, and make decisions.If it is a colored skin, white or light -colored sexy underwear can highlight his skin luster to the maximum.

Frequent boyfriend underwear materials

Common materials are lace, silk, feathers, leather, etc.Each material has its unique characteristics, and we can make choices based on his personal preferences and appearance characteristics.

Boyfriend underwear style recommendation

There are many styles of boyfriend underwear, such as prop underwear, shrouded underwear, netwear underwear, and personal underwear.When choosing, it is recommended to comprehensively consider from three aspects of practicality, comfort and aesthetics.

With the external element of the boyfriend’s sexy underwear

Boyfriend’s sexy underwear is not just a lingerie, but also a variety of combinations.For example, you can use a hat, a silk tie, a pair of high heels, etc. to enhance the beauty and sexuality of sexy underwear.

Maintenance of boyfriend underwear

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The maintenance of her boyfriend underwear is very important, because many sexy underwear is made of special materials.It is recommended to choose warm water when cleaning underwear, and use special underwear cleaner to avoid any damage to underwear.

Selection of boyfriend underwear

After wearing a boyfriend’s sexy underwear, we also need to choose the right occasion for display.For example, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Memorial Day, and Sexy Other Equipment are all good choices.

The meaning of boyfriend sex lingerie

The boyfriend’s sexy underwear not only means sexy and fashionable, but more importantly, it represents a unique care and care.In love, in this way, you can understand the other party more deeply and make the relationship more harmonious and sweet.


Boyfriend’s sexy underwear is a very creative and special underwear, which can not only improve the confidence of men, but also add sweetness and romance.When using sexy underwear, pay attention to the choice of size, color and material, as well as underwear matching and maintenance.The most important thing is that through the method of sexy underwear, take care of each other with your heart and create sweet love with your heart.