Conquer women’s novels with erotic underwear

Conquer women's novels with erotic underwear

It is a common plot to conquer women’s novels to conquer women. Not only in novels, there are many fans of sexy underwear in real life.So, what skills and methods do women have to conquer women with erotic underwear?This article will be explained in detail.

1. Understand the body’s body curve

When you choose a sexy underwear, you must first understand the body’s body curve, such as chest, hips, waist, etc.Different women’s body curves are different, so you need to buy the most suitable sexy underwear according to the characteristics of women to show their body curve and more attractive.

2. Prefer to consider comfortableness

Although the display effect of sexy underwear is very important, comfort is also very important.Therefore, when you choose to buy sexy underwear, you must consider more comfort and fully understand women’s preferences and size preferences for sexy underwear.

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3. Buy sexy colors and styles

Different colors and styles will convey different information, such as red represents enthusiasm and passion, while black symbolizes mystery and noble.Choosing proper colors and styles can better show the emotional effect you are pursuing.

4. Quality assurance

Whether it is sexy underwear or other clothes, quality is a problem that must be considered.You need to confirm the reputation and production qualifications of the selected love underwear manufacturers, and strictly control quality problems.

5. Learning to wear skills

In order to show the design of sexy underwear, wearing skills is crucial.Learning how to wear sexy underwear correctly and with appropriate clothing and accessories will make your effect more perfect.

6. Correction with women

After being elected to buy a good underwear, the key is how to put it out of the charming effect.At this time, the relationship with women is also particularly important.You need to build a good interaction with women, including language interaction and physical posture show, so that it can better display the effect.

7. Accurate control timing


It is also critical to choose the right time and occasion.The appropriate time and occasions can grasp the psychology of women, making it more likely to accept your sexy underwear, which is easier to achieve the goal.

8. Pay attention to communication and feedback

When you choose to be so interesting underwear, you need to communicate and feedback with women in the process.You need to ask women how to view your dress and listen to their feedback and suggestions.This will help you build a good interaction with women and enhance each other’s feelings and trust.

9. Strive to give the greatest freedom of the opposite sex

The last thing to note is that even if you choose sexy underwear, you cannot deny that everyone’s different freedom and differences.You need to respect the freedom of women and personal feelings, and strive not to give the other party any scenes that feel helpless or uncomfortable.

Conclusion: This article mainly explores how to conquer women with sexy underwear.In general, choosing the right sexy underwear, paying attention to wearing skills, establishing a good interaction with women, grasping the timing, and paying attention to communication and feedback are all important skills to conquer women.I hope you can find a strategy and method that is more suitable for you in practice.