Do you wear sexy underwear? Girls sexy

Do you wear sexy underwear? Girls sexy

Do you wear sexy underwear? Girls sexy

The concept of sexy underwear has been recognized in society, and more and more people have begun to accept and buy sexy underwear.However, women wear sexy underwear for short sexy performances. So the question comes, can we wear sexy underwear lasting?Below, we will discuss this issue in detail in multiple aspects.

Material determines the comfort of wearing

The comfort of sexy underwear is essential for the length of wearing.The effects of different materials on the body and ventilation are different, and the comfort of the body is the key to long -term wear.It is recommended to choose high -level fabrics, such as silk, cotton or carbon fiber, which can achieve a dual effect of wearing comfortable and deodorant sweat.

The right size is king

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If the size does not meet your figure, then you wear sexy underwear like torture your body, so it is impossible for a long time to wear.Therefore, when buying a sexy underwear, you must determine your size. If the size is suitable, the comfort is naturally improved. There is no problem with long -term wear.

There are skills to wear sexy underwear in summer

In summer, wearing sexy underwear has skills.In an environment where air -conditioning is turned off, sexy underwear will make us feel more lively and itchy.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, consider breathability and try to use ice wire or moisture -absorbing and dry fabric. In addition, it is also important to keep your body dry.

Health and interest coexist

If you want to wear fun underwear for a long time, please pay attention to its hygiene.Interest underwear is usually placed in a private part, and these places are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies, so it is necessary to keep sexy underwear clean.Do not wear the same sexy underwear every day, which may cause inflammation or infection of private parts.

Don’t be too tight

The tightness of sexy underwear will affect the blood circulation of the body, which will cause physical discomfort.When choosing a sexy lingerie, you should choose a good loosening band design, which can ensure that the body’s circulating system is normal.At the same time, choosing different styles of underwear can also help the body relax.

Choose the best time to wear sexy underwear

The wearing time of sexy underwear needs to be guided. It is recommended not to wear it on the way to get off work, unless your work needs.If you wear sexy underwear to and from get off work, you will feel fatigue, and such a long -term dressing habit will be unfavorable to your body.It is recommended to wear sexy underwear on special occasions or at home, which will be more comfortable.

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Selection of sexy underwear

Color is one of the most basic parts of sexy underwear, and the choice of different colors will bring different visual experiences.Usually, bright sexy underwear can make people excited and full of vitality. The dark tone of sexy underwear will bring a quiet and good sleeping experience.In addition, in terms of color applications, you can replace different colors of sexy underwear based on changes in the situation, which also helps achieve better results.


Through the above analysis, we can conclude that wearing sexy lingerie can last for a long time. The key is to pay attention to comfort, size, breathability, hygiene, tight bands and time selection.If we can do the above points, wearing sexy underwear can keep women sexy and more confident.