Does Xiaohongshu sell sexy underwear illegal law?

Does Xiaohongshu sell sexy underwear illegal law?

Xiaohongshu "purchasing" sexy underwear incident

In April 2021, there were media reports that some "purchasing" accounts of some Xiaohongshu were reported to sell yellow sexy underwear.The matter has aroused widespread public attention and a question: Does Xiaohongshu sell sexy underwear illegal?The following will analyze one by one from the aspects of legal, policy and business self -discipline.

Whether laws and regulations are allowed to sell sexy underwear

In China’s current laws and regulations, it does not clearly specify whether the sales of sexy underwear are legal, but Article 9 of the Advertising Law stipulates: "Advertising must not contain the following content … (21) contents of obscene, pornography, gambling, violence, etc.".

Therefore, when using platforms such as Xiaohongshu to sell sexy underwear, we need to comply with relevant regulations such as the Advertising Law, and must not contain bad content such as obscene and pornography.

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Regulations of the Xiaohong Book Platform

The Xiaohong Book Platform has also made clear stipulation in the "Community Management Regulations". It has strictly classified the products that can be sold on Xiaohongshu and limited the sales category.

According to the provisions of the "Community Management Regulations", Xiaohongshu prohibits the sale of goods involving property, safety, health, morals, and food.Among them, the prohibition of goods involved in morality is prohibited, covering sexual hints such as sexy underwear.

From a merchant perspective: the importance of self -discipline to consumers

For account holders and operators, complying with relevant laws and regulations and platform rules, it has always been considered from the perspective of self -protection.

Although there is no certain restriction on the sales of sexy underwear at present, in specific occasions, there will still be restrictions on relevant requirements. For different regions and places, different standards and regulations need to be complied with.

For merchants, for their own business image and reputation, they should consciously abide by policies and regulations, and do not publish and sell products that violate relevant laws and regulations at will.

How to deal with Xiaohongshu

In this incident, Xiaohongshu adopted rapid processing measures to ban the seller’s account and delete the sale.

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In addition, Xiaohongshu also stated that it will continue to strengthen user management, strictly implement relevant laws and regulations, and strive to maintain a good user experience.

Comments: The importance of business self -discipline and social supervision

The above content shows that from various factors such as laws and regulations, platform regulations, and business management, selling sexy underwear is not necessarily illegal, but it is necessary to follow relevant regulations and standards.

As consumers, we should also keep such "purchasing" behaviors in accordance with national laws and regulations and platform norms.At the same time, guide merchants to do their own social responsibility and self -discipline to form a good industry atmosphere.


Although selling fun underwear is not necessarily illegal, merchants and users must also abide by relevant regulations to penetrate good self -discipline and social supervision spirit into daily behavior.

We should realize that a beautiful Internet environment requires the dual role of merchant self -discipline and user supervision, and we also need to continue to promote relevant processes and specifications to jointly maintain the health and stability of the network ecology.