Domestic female star sex underwear

Domestic female star sex underwear

Domestic female star sex underwear

Star endorsement, a new fashion in the sexy underwear industry

In recent years, domestic female celebrities have begun to endorse major sexy underwear brands. From Angelababy to Yang Mi, from Liu Shishi to Lin Yun, they have launched their own sexy underwear series, becoming a new style of the sex underwear industry.

Angelababy, sex lingerie brand endorsement queen

As the endorsement queen of sexy underwear brands, Angelababy has endorsed sexy underwear of multiple brands, such as "Ai Shimei", "Function", "Aimer" and so on.Her star effect has greatly improved the sales of these brands.

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Yang Mi, a representative of fun underwear fashion representatives

Yang Mi is one of the representative characters of sexy underwear fashion.The "AVON" underwear series she endorsed has once become the weathervane of fashion trends.And her outstanding acting skills and fashion taste have also become one of the reasons favored by the brand.

Liu Shishi, a spokesperson for fresh and beautiful sexy underwear

The "Haneg" sexy underwear endorsed by Liu Shishi is known for its fresh and beautiful style.Liu Shishi’s self -or -taking publicity photos are even more beautiful, attracting a large number of fans and customers.

Lin Yun, bring a romantic sexy underwear experience

Lin Yun’s "Emmah.a" endorsement of the sexy underwear "Emmah.a" is known for its romantic and sweet style.She holds a bubble bath and wearing a pink pajamas, which makes people feel a sweet and warm sexy underwear experience.

Interesting underwear design requires the blessing of celebrity endorsement

For the sexual lingerie endorsement of domestic female stars, it is not only a business cooperation, but also a combination of fashion with products.Star endorsements can bring product exposure and sales, and also bring product design inspiration and fashion elements, which is very good for the sexy underwear industry.

The sexy underwear in film and television dramas has become a hot spot in the market

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In addition to celebrity endorsements, sexy underwear in film and television dramas has also become a hot spot in the market.For example, the sexy underwear in "Desire City" and the sex underwear in "Deadly Woman" have become one of the sources of inspiration for the sex underwear industry.

Sexy underwear is not only a symbol of sexy

Traditionally, sexy underwear is often regarded as a symbol of sexy, and with the development of fashion, sexy underwear is not just a symbol of sexy, but also a fashionable choice.More and more fashion elements are integrated into the design of sexy underwear, making them the new favorite of the fashion circle.

How to choose the right sexy underwear

For consumers, it is very important to choose a suitable sexy underwear.First of all, you need to choose according to factors such as your body, skin tone, preferences, and secondly, you need to choose products with well -known brands, high -quality materials, and products that fit your needs.


The appearance of domestic female stars’ sexy lingerie and the emergence of sexy underwear in film and television dramas make the sexy underwear industry more fashionable, interesting, and vibrant.For consumers, only when choosing a suitable sex underwear can you really experience the fashion and sexy of sexy underwear.