Hip -lifting erotic underwear novels

Introduction: hip -up sexy underwear

Interest underwear is undoubtedly a mysterious and tempting existence, and the buttocks sexy underwear is more lethal and beautiful.The tight design of these underwear and the arc of raising their hips allow each woman to show their perfect body curve.But how to choose hip -lifting and sexy underwear?The following is my suggestion.

Step 1: Determine your body size

Determining your body size is the first step to buy sexy underwear.Only by knowing your size can you better choose underwear that is suitable for your body.It is recommended to measure the size of your waist, hip and bust, in order to more accurately buy the buttocks and sexy lingerie that suits you.

Step 2: Choose a style that suits you

There are many different styles and designs in sex underwear, some designs are more important than showing sexy curves, while others pay more attention to sexy comfortable experiences.Therefore, when buying hip -lifting underwear, you need to choose a style that suits you according to your own aesthetics and need to choose.Some buttocks and erotic underwear can be a tight effect, while others will increase your hips.

Step 3: Choose a brand with good quality

It is important to choose a well -quality brand when choosing a sexy underwear.Good brands can not only ensure the comfort and dress of underwear, but also make underwear more durable.They have been produced and developed many times, so customers can get good quality assurance.It is recommended to buy sexy underwear of well -known brands to ensure that you get high -quality products.

Step 4: Choose the right color

Choosing a suitable color sexy underwear can perfectly show your temperament.Black, red and white are usually the most popular colors, making women more contagious.Other colors such as pink and purple are also very popular.

Step 5: Know your needs

Different women have a different understanding of "interest". Therefore, you should know what your needs are when buying a hip -lifting underwear.Do you want a more sexy appearance or to increase your hips?Maybe you just want a comfortable dress without losing the shining appearance.

Step 6: Keep cleaning

Sex underwear needs to be washed after a period of time to maintain clean and hygienic.In order to ensure long -term wear, you should also use special detergents to avoid damaging the fabrics of underwear.Do not use hot water to clean these underwear when cleaning.

Step 7: Match other clothing

Sex underwear is a special style in women’s underwear. They need to be specially paired with other clothing, such as high heels to achieve the best results.It is recommended that you choose a matching single product that suits you with your overall dress.

Step 8: Try to wear underwear

Finally, you need to try to put on the sexy underwear you buy.Interest underwear must be comfortable, with good fabrics and good tailoring.Try different styles when trying on to find the most suitable buttocks and sexy underwear that suits you.

Conclusion: Your hips, let me control

Hip -hip -raising underwear is not only a kind of clothing, but also a manifestation of confidence and temptation.When you view the suggestions and skills in these steps, if the sexy underwear you choose can perfectly show your figure and personality, you can also get more self -confidence and make your hips extremely extreme.

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