How much is it suitable for sexy underwear bust?

Breast importance

Interest underwear can not only increase sexy and charm, but also enhance women’s self -confidence.However, choosing an inappropriate bust size will make the wearer feel uncomfortable and even affect health.Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate bust size.

How to measure your bust size

The correct measuring bust size is the first step in choosing a suitable sex underwear.First of all, use the soft ruler to measure the most prominent position below the chest as the bust.Secondly, use the soft ruler to measure the most plump chest as a cup.Finally, compare the two sizes to determine the appropriate bust size.

Choice of bust size

Breast size is usually digital size, such as 70, 75, 80, etc.Generally speaking, the bust size should choose a size of 1-2 inches smaller than the actual bust around, so as to better shape the chest shape and provide support.

How to judge whether the underwear is appropriate

When wearing underwear, you should pay attention to observing whether the cup cover is fully fitted with the chest, whether the shoulder strap is too tight or too loose, whether the bottom circumference is too tight or too loose. These factors will affect the comfort and health of the underwear.

The relationship between health and bust

If you choose an inappropriate bust size, you will have a sense of oppression when wearing underwear, and even redness, swelling, itching, scratch, etc. will affect health and beauty in severe cases.Therefore, choosing the right bust size is important for physical health and appearance.

Different sizes of different brands

The fun underwear of different brands may be different in size standards. Some brands may be small or large. Therefore, it is recommended to understand the brand’s size standard before buying and adjust the size selection appropriately.

The relationship between chest shape and size

Different chest shapes also affect the choice of size. For example, women with flat chests can choose a cup to create a better chest shape than underwear with a size larger than their actual size.

Choice of climate and size

Under different seasons and climatic conditions, the thickness and comfort of the underwear wearing will be different. Therefore, choose the appropriate size and style according to the specific situation to maintain the comfort of the underwear.

Selection of adjustment underwear

Some sexy lingerie with a coat or shaping design can adjust the chest shape and lines, but when choosing, you must decide whether to choose to adjust the underwear according to your needs and comfort.


Choosing the right sexy underwear bust size is important for health and beauty. You should choose the correct size and style according to your chest shape, body shape and specific needs.

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