How to talk about wearing a sexy underwear

How to talk about wearing a sexy underwear

How to talk about wearing a sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear, women’s sexy and charm can be more displayed.However, while showing yourself, how to use words to cooperate with sexy underwear and convey different information, it is another knowledge.Next, this article will share how to speak when wearing a sexy underwear.

Choose the right sexy underwear

Choosing the right sexy underwear is the first step to show yourself.If you are the first time you try sexy underwear, you can choose a simple style, a lingerie suitable for your body, and take the first step to show yourself.When choosing, you can make a decision after consulting the seller, referring to the recommendation on the Internet or after trying it on.After wearing a sexy underwear, you can comment with your partner and give suggestions to each other to achieve the best results.

The language expression of sexy underwear

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Sexy underwear shows women’s bold, confident, and wild side.When wearing sexy underwear, women need to learn to cooperate with their own underwear to reduce tension and embarrassment.You can use your own tone, or imitate the special scene in the movie.Grasp the degree when using it, not only showing sexy and charming, but not too much.

The language expression of sexy underwear

In addition to showing sexy underwear, it is also necessary to express a different atmosphere and feeling.At this time, it can be paired with sexy language to enhance the feelings of sexy underwear, such as: gentle teasing, enthusiastic desire, and the feeling of depicting scenes.In this way, it not only enhances the experience brought by sexy underwear, but also enhances the fun of sexual life.

Changes in the tone

When wearing sexy underwear, women’s tone plays a vital role.You can achieve different expression effects by changing the tone.For example: soft, sexy, humorous, affectionate, etc., these correspond to different expression methods.Through different tones, the body and sound can create a new atmosphere together, which is also a good interest experience.

Aesthetic display

Wearing sex underwear is a aesthetic experience. Many people pay more attention to the appearance of sexy underwear.How to express your appreciation and aesthetics of sexy underwear?You can use worship, applause, and cuteness to achieve the effect of expression.This can not only make the value of sexy underwear recognized again, but also allows the two sides to further love and become familiar with the sexy life.

Women’s initiative

Women’s initiative and gender expression are inseparable. When wearing sex underwear, women also need to express their initiative.At the appropriate time, you can use a proactive attitude to make your partner feel more and experience.For example: gently hook the partner’s neck with your hands, blow it in the ears of his partner from time to time, shake slightly, evoke the desire of your partner.When a woman performs more active in fun life, it can add sexual fun.


Influence of mentality

Interest underwear is just a small aspect in life, and it is also closely related to the psychological state.How to maintain a good mental state is also a way of lubricating sex.You can cultivate emotions by jumping music, melodious singing, and relaxing atmosphere.In a rich context atmosphere, you can easily mobilize positive emotions and expression methods.

Self -expression depth

When wearing sexy underwear, women need to learn to use in -depth expression.When expressing emotions, use meaningful vocabulary, and pay attention to true and effective.For example: emotional eyes, touching confession, unique combination, etc.Expressing your own language can make the experience brings more abundant and deeper.


Wearing a sexy underwear, women not only require their clothing fashion and sexy, but also learn to use language to cooperate with sexy underwear to make themselves more handy and express their deepness and significance of life.When communicating, pay attention to the true and simple, so that both parties can get a more pleasant sex life experience.