Husband and wife need to buy sexy underwear?

Husband and wife need to buy sexy underwear?

Why do couples need to buy sex jackets

As a tool that adds fun and irritating life, sexy underwear has been favored by more and more husbands and wives.However, some people may ask: Shouldn’t husband and wife understand each other, trust, and sincerely?Why do I still need sexy underwear?Let’s answer this question in detail.

Change the tone and enhance feelings

Marriage life is like muscle. It needs frequent "exercise". Frequent sex life can lead to the boring sex life. At this time, a set of sexy underwear can change this tone and enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

Solve the impact of external factors

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In modern fast -paced life, husbands and wives are disturbed by external factors such as children, work, and social networking, and cannot relax and enjoy sexual life.Putting on sex underwear can break the balance between work and private life, eliminate external factors, and make sexual life more pleasant.

Enhance sexual stimulus

When you wear a sexy clothes and show yourself confidently in front of the other person, you will definitely make the other party have a stronger sexual impulse, enhance the stimulus of sexual life, and allow both parties to enjoy the climax experience.

Satisfy strange sex fantasies

Everyone will have strange sexual fantasies deep inside, and sexy underwear is the best tool for these fantasies to achieve.You can put yourself in another character to complete the fictional fantasy and reach a higher orgasm.

Improve sexual life hardness

Sometimes the sexual life between husband and wife will become stiff and extremely lacking. At this time, a sexy underwear can change the role of husband and wife in bed, add a stimulus, and make sexual life more energetic.

Keep your body and appearance

Wearing sexy underwear can not only improve self -confidence, but also allow people to better keep their bodies and shapes.Many erotic underwear are tighter, which will make people feel more well -proportioned, more beautiful, and more appreciated and liked by the other party.

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Enhance the fun experience

The little surprise and a little surprise in feelings can bring huge pleasure and interesting experience.Putting on a sexy lingerie will bring psychological and visual stimuli to sexual life, making fun more colorful.

Improve the intimacy between husband and wife

The intimacy between husband and wife is not only manifested in life trivial matters, but also in sexual life.If you can improve the level of sexual living through erotic underwear, the emotional relationship between husband and wife will be closer.


Husbands and wives do not necessarily need to buy sexy underwear, but choosing a sexy underwear suitable for their own personality and preferences can allow couples to better enjoy sexual life, increase the adhesion of feelings, and produce more beautiful memories.