I have no courage to buy sexy underwear

I have no courage to buy sexy underwear

How to wear sexy underwear is a confusing question, especially for those who wear it for the first time.Whether to try sexy underwear may make people feel nervous and uncomfortable, but remember that they are to make you feel more confident and sexy.Here, I will introduce you to several useful skills to help you wear sexy underwear in a more confident way.

1. Find a size that suits you

Size suitable for you is the key to wearing sexy underwear.Excessive size or too small will affect the comfort and aesthetics of wearing.Therefore, when buying underwear, you must pay attention to your own size and choose the right shape and style.

2. Choose the right underwear

When wearing sexy underwear, it is important to choose a pair of suitable underwear.Different erotic underwear may require different types of underwear.For example, when wearing a sexy skirt, wearing thongs are recommended, and when wearing fun pajamas, we can choose a sexy briefs.

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3. Appropriate model posture

When trying or taking pictures, straightening your body and stretch your abdomen can help you achieve better results.If you feel nervous, you can choose to be alone in the room when you try it on, which will reduce a lot of pressure.

4. Master the penetration and take -off skills

Wearing sexy underwear requires some skills, and different styles need to master different methods.It is recommended that you find a quiet place first, carefully read the instruction manual or find some teaching videos online to help you better learn the penetration and cutting techniques of underwear.

5. Cooperate with makeup

When wearing sexy underwear, the right makeup can make you more confident and beautiful.You can choose some brilliant lipsticks to enhance your aura.

6. Adjust your own state

First of all, do not have any psychological burden and tension. It is recommended that you take a deep breath before wearing a sexy underwear.At the same time, you can also listen to a relaxed music to make your mood more pleasant and confident.

7. On the other hand

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The aim of sexy underwear is to show the charm of your deep inside, rather than showing your body without exhaustion.Therefore, we recommend that you feel your charm and beauty, let go of comparison and pressure, and feel the charm brought by sexy underwear from his heart.

8. Consider occasion

The choice of the occasion and the style of the underwear must be matched.For example, when dating, you can choose some gentle styles or have some sexy elements.When teaming in a happy party, you can try some more bold styles and choose according to your own situation.

Whether you are trying sexy underwear or those who have some experience, we can take some measures to help ourselves more confident and sexy.Wearing a sexy lingerie, we must first build the inner self -confidence. The self -confidence mentality is the most attractive, and the sexy lingerie will play the best charm effect.