Sex underwear store recruitment copywriting template

Sex underwear store recruitment copywriting template

Brief introduction

Interesting underwear stores are a vibrant and perseverance industry, which requires fun and enthusiastic talents here.If you are a sexy and creative person, welcome to join our team, we provide you with a broad stage.

Recruitment position

The positions we are currently recruiting are:

sales representative

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Customer Service Specialist

Assistant manager

Job Requirements

Whether you have relevant work experience, we hope you have the following advantages:

Vibrant and enthusiasm

Have good communication and collaboration ability

Have a certain understanding and interest in the sexy underwear industry

Honest and trustworthy, with a high degree of hardship and hard work



We provide good treatment and benefits for the right employees, including:

Competitive salaries in the industry

Comprehensive training and promotion mechanism

A good working environment and team atmosphere

Excellent employees will have the opportunity to participate in overseas study or fashion exhibitions around the world

Training and development

We provide comprehensive training and career development opportunities to help employees improve business skills and personal qualities, and continuously improve self -competitiveness.

how to apply

If you agree with our philosophy and meet the above conditions, please send your latest personal resume to our recruitment mailbox: [email protected], we will contact you as soon as possible, interviewers will get detailed instructions and processesEssence

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our recruitment, please read the following or contact us through the recruitment mailbox:

Q: Do I need work experience?

A: It does not necessarily need to have the work experience of the sex underwear industry, but we hope that you have a certain knowledge and interest in the industry and have related sales or customer service experience.

Q: I can’t design it. Can I apply for the assistant position of the store?

A: The assistant position of the store manager does not need to have professional design capabilities, but we hope that you have a basic understanding and understanding of sales operations and customer service.

Q: What are the opportunities for promotion?

A: Employees can be promoted to higher positions or transfer to other departments through good performance and comprehensive quality, promotion in the plan, and key selection outside the plan.


Interest underwear stores are a vibrant and creative industry. What we need is not only excellent talents, but also the courage to meet and overcome difficulties.If you are enthusiastic about sales and customer service and interested in the sexy underwear industry, then welcome to join our vibrant and vibrant team!