Sexual underwear open crotch pants model display

Sexual underwear open crotch pants model display


In recent years, with the improvement of people’s openness and freedom, sexy underwear has also been welcomed by more and more people as a sexy way of dressing.And sexy underwear open crotch pants are the most teasing type, so how to correctly wear sexy lingerie open crotch pants?Let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge and skills together.

Understand the characteristics of romantic underwear open crotch pants

Sex underwear open crotch pants, as the name implies, set an opening at the bottom of the pants.The size of the opening is different from the front or behind, and you need to choose according to your personal preference.In addition, the fabric of the sexy underwear open crotch pants is usually bright noodles or skin -friendly fabrics. It has a high elasticity and gloss, giving people the dual sensory stimulation of visual and touch.

Dressing skills and precautions

Lace Strap Chemise With Sleeves – Without Thong – 13881

First of all, to ensure that the size of the open crotch pants of the sexy lingerie is appropriate. Do not be too tight or loose, otherwise it will affect the beauty and the comfort of wearing.Secondly, you can use the lubricant to reduce the discomfort when wearing, and also enhance the sexy effect.Third, you need to pay special attention to personal hygiene problems when wearing sexy underwear, and you need to clean and disinfection after each use.In addition, avoid sharing the same sexy underwear open crotch pants with the unknown opposite sex to avoid spreading the disease.

Style selection and matching skills

There are many styles of sexy underwear open crotch pants, such as flat -mouth, T -type suffix, lace decoration, and so on.When choosing, you can weigh according to your body characteristics and wear occasions.For example, women with short figures can choose T -type suffix to eliminate leg lines, while women with tall figures can choose lace decorative to increase the soft feeling.In addition, the matching of sexy underwear open crotch pants also needs to pay attention. You can choose the same style and color of the upper part of the sexy underwear to form the overall matching effect.

Model display

The following are the display of many sexy underwear open crotch pants models. They have different figures, but they all have one thing in common, that is, they look more sexy and teased after wearing sexy underwear open crotch pants:

(Here you can insert multiple pictures to show different types of sexy lingerie open crotch pants)

The use of sexy underwear open crotch pants in sex

Interest underwear open crotch pants can not only be used as a daily sexy way, but also play an important role in sex.Its extremely high elasticity and ventilation can give full support and comfort in sexual actions, and can also add teasing and stimulation in both sides in sex games.However, when using sexy underwear open crotch pants for sex, you also need to pay attention to hygiene problems and self -protection. You can choose to use safety guarantee measures such as condoms.


Thigh High

Sexual underwear open crotch pants need to be maintained for a certain amount of maintenance, and always keep clean and hygienic to extend the service life.It can be disinfected and cleaned with warm water or professional cleaner before use to ensure that it is worn after drying.In addition, do not directly expose the sexy lingerie on the crotch pants to avoid sun and rain or contact high -temperature items, so as not to damage the elasticity and the quality of the fabric.

Price and purchase channels

The price of sexy lingerie open crotch pants is generally ranging from dozens to hundreds of yuan. The specific price varies from factors such as materials, brands, styles and other factors.When choosing a purchase channel, it is recommended to choose formal channels, such as the sexual product specialty store or sexual supplies websites to ensure quality and use effect.

Market demand analysis

It can be said that sexy underwear open crotch pants, as a stylish and sexy way, have become a product with a wide range of market demand.Especially among young people aged 20-40, they have obvious market potential, and their demand is estimated to continue to grow in the future.


Fun underwear open crotch pants are a very sexy way of dressing, allowing women to show their own personality and charm at the same time as sexy.Practice skills and precautions are very necessary. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to quality and style selection when buying.In the diverse market demand, sexy lingerie open crotch pants have broad development prospects.