Sexy lace sexy underwear real people trial

Sexy lace sexy underwear real people trial

Sexy lace sexy underwear real people trial

For women, choosing a set of sexy sexy underwear is the best time to show their beautiful figure.But choosing the style and size that suits you in many sexy underwear may not be easy.Taking lace sexy underwear as an example, we invited several models of different figures and different temperaments to try on real people to help everyone better understand sexy lace sexy underwear.

1. Various styles of lace underwear

The style of lace underwear is very diverse. From jumpsuits, corset+G-String to the Wannian H-shaped hanging stockings, it is difficult to list them one by one.For women who try sexy underwear for the first time, it is a good choice to choose a simple and temperamental lace underwear in considering her body and temperament.

2. The importance of size selection

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There may be differences in underwear size in different brands and different countries, and the size of each brand will have certain errors, so the selection of size is very important.It is recommended to measure physical data such as bust and waist circumference, and then choose according to the size table recommended by the brand.

3. Selection of color

Lace underwear is generally biased towards dark colors, such as black and red.Different colors of underwear can highlight the different attributes of the body. For example, red underwear can highlight their enthusiasm, while black underwear is more noble and elegant.

4. Details

Lace underwear needs to pay attention to the processing of details, such as shoulder straps and back design.Some design details will make the underwear more beautiful, but it will also affect the comfort of wearing. You can use different clothing to choose the right underwear.

5. Lace underwear for breast enhancement

Breast -ranging underwear has always been a popular choice for female friends.There are some styles of lace underwear that achieve the effect of breast enhancement through padding and structural design.To buy breast enhancement underwear, you need to consider your physical attributes and needs, and pay attention to the comfort of underwear.

6. Lace underwear in the abdomen

For female friends who want to get abdomen, abdominal underwear is also a good choice.Lace underwear also has a classification of abdomen. It can achieve the abdomen effect through the tightness and thickening of the waist design.


7. Deep V’s corset

Deep V underwear is an underwear that perfectly shows a sexy curve, which is especially suitable for female friends with full breasts.For other chest types, you can also use the appropriate style to achieve breast enhancement effect.

8. Ten thousand -kind H -shaped camisole set

For sexy underwear enthusiasts, the H -shaped camisole is also a style worth trying.At the same time, female friends need to pay attention to their physical attributes and temperament selection styles, highlighting sexy while maintaining their own personality charm.


Sexy lace sexy underwear is an important choice for women to show their beautiful figure and sexy charm, but when buying, you need to pay attention to the details of the style, the matching of the size, and the color matching of the color.At the same time, you also need to respect your physical attributes and temperament, choose the style of underwear suitable for you, and show personality and charm.