Sexy lingerie drawing method diagram lady picture

Sexy lingerie drawing method diagram lady picture

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a specially designed underwear, which aims to enhance female sexual attractiveness and self -confidence.They are usually made of sexy materials, such as lace, silk and sleeves, and can have various styles.Interest underwear has different types and patterns. Each type has different visual effects, which can give you a unique experience.


The pattern of sexy underwear is not only for the sake of beauty, they are also used to emphasize the advantages of women’s figure while covering the shortcomings.Therefore, how to draw patterns correctly on the body is crucial.

Half cup

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The half -cup is a kind of sexy underwear that makes your upper body more prominent.The half -cup pattern is below the chest so that the chest can be looming and more three -dimensional.The most common is composed of some cute details and lace.The drawing method needs to pay attention to symmetrical, embellish the garnet or diamond in the pattern.

Full cup

Full cup -style sexy underwear is a option to provide better support, which is especially suitable for women who need more support.The pattern is usually located at the top of the clothes.Use light -colored lines to make you look more slender.

Triangular cup

Triangular cup -style erotic underwear design is suitable for the smallest chest.Its pattern is located at the bottom of the clothes, making the comfortable material mesh and breathability of the underwear.When painting, pay attention to the actual size, do not be too large or too small.


Conjusational sexy underwear is a overall suit that is suitable for a fuller figure.The pattern should be spread from the chest to the bottom of the belly.Pay attention to the coherence of the lines, draw the front and draw the back, and finally constitute a complete pattern.


Adding metal or diamonds to sex underwear can make the entire design more unique.Such underwear is suitable for women with high body, clear facial contour, or full chest.When painting, there is sufficient space, focusing on the size of the decoration size and the degree of pattern.

Teddies & Bodysuits

Strap strap

The erotic underwear without shoulder straps allows you to show your collarbone and shoulders. It is an essential choice in summer.The pattern should be above the chest. The design style is usually pink or other light colors.When painting, pay attention to the coherent pattern, and do not break the lines due to the shoulder -free strap.

Three -point

Three -point sexy underwear is a sexy and exposed underwear, which is composed of three small dots.Because the display area is small, the focus is on color and design.When painting, you need to grasp the proportion, do not let one of them be too large, causing uncoordinated.


Better -style sexy underwear helps improve stress and support, highlighting the curve.Because this sexy underwear is often used in traditional underwear, it is usually basic black or skin tone.The lines are extremely important for the sexy underwear with less color, so pay attention to the fine lines during the painting process.


The pattern of sexy underwear is like art, which can highlight the advantages, cover the shortcomings, and show you the sexiest and confident side.In terms of drawing, we need to focus on the proportion and arrangements of each part, and carefully draw through carefully and carefully to make the pattern more beautiful.