Sexy underwear in the purchase channel

Sexy underwear in the purchase channel

Sexy underwear in the purchase channel

Brand dealer direct supply

Direct supply of brand owners is a common way to buy sexy underwear.Through direct contact with the brand, the preferential price and brand authorization provided by the brand.This procurement method is usually suitable for sexy underwear stores with a certain scale, with stable brand cooperative relationships, and a large number of purchases.

Offline wholesale market

The offline wholesale market is another way to buy sexy underwear.Fun underwear stores can go to the local wholesale market and choose products from the exhibition hall of fixed brands to purchase.This procurement method is more convenient and can realize the on -site view of the goods, but the brand choice is relatively limited.

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Online mall channel

The online mall is the fastest growth in the purchasing channel of sex underwear stores. Through e -commerce platforms such as Taobao,, and the B2B platform of some adult products industries, you can choose and order from the sex lingerie brands in the country and even the world.And the price is preferentially replenished by small and medium -sized sexy lingerie stores.

Cross -border e -commerce procurement

Cross -border e -commerce procurement is a relatively special method of procurement. Sexy underwear stores can use cross -border e -commerce platforms to directly obtain products from foreign brands.This procurement method usually needs to reach a certain amount of procurement to obtain a relatively preferential price, and relevant regulations such as customs clearance and tax check.

OEM custom production

OEM custom production is a relatively high -end procurement method. Sex underwear stores can customize the products they need directly to the manufacturers and print their own brand logo.This procurement method requires a certain amount of procurement and has a certain amount of early fund reserves, which is suitable for high -end sexy underwear stores.

Group purchase

The purchase of groups is a procurement method that is mainly for small sexy underwear stores. Many sexy underwear shops are jointly organized to obtain preferential prices from the same brands and then allocate according to the purchase share.This procurement method can carry out inter -enterprise cooperation, decentralized procurement risks, and reduce procurement costs.

Agent join


Agent franchise is a form of brand authorization. Sexy underwear shops can represent a certain brand, sell sales in the market, and obtain marketing and sales support provided by brands.This procurement method needs to invest a certain amount of funds in the early stage, and it is necessary to understand the brand’s sales policy and brand image, which is suitable for the sexy underwear shop that wants to expand its own brand.

Custody purchase

Custody purchases are a common procurement method for many sexy underwear stores. The sex underwear stores entrust the procurement demand to the company for unified concentrated procurement by finding a well -represented custody company to obtain preferential prices.This procurement method can reduce the risk of procurement, suitable for small sexy underwear shops and newly opened sexy underwear shops.


Distribution and procurement is a sex underwear store that signs a distribution agreement to obtain the supply from the brand owner, and then sells it to retail customers or other erotic underwear stores.This procurement method is more flexible, and it can be purchased according to actual needs, suitable for start -ups or small sexy underwear shops.


Sex underwear procurement channels have a variety of channels. The sex underwear stores choose according to their own stage, scale, and development direction to achieve the best results.It is recommended that sexy underworld stores should strengthen their understanding and evaluation of procurement channels, choose suppliers with stable qualifications and integrity to ensure stable procurement quality and ensure sustainable business development.