Sexy underwear open crotch bellyper

Sexy underwear open crotch bellyper

What is an open crotch bellyband?

In the full -time lingerie, the open crotch bellyband is a sexy women’s underwear, which is characterized by a small hole in the private parts to facilitate sexual life and urinary.

Classification of open crotch bellyband

Open crotch bellybands can be divided into two categories: one is the design of two bellybands, which can be separated, which is more convenient to perform sexual life; the other has only one bellyband, suitable for daily wear, and can also meet interesting needs.

Open crotch bellyband style

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There are various styles of open crotch bellybands, including sexy lace models, sexy tights, sexy nets, and so on.Among them, the lace bellyband is with its soft, comfortable fabrics, exquisite lace design, and the front surrounding design, making women feel good and comfortable. It is one of the common open crotch bellyband styles.

The purpose of the open crotch bellyband

As a sexy underwear, the most important occasion is in sex activities, such as sexual life between husband and wife, party playing, etc.Wearing an open crotch bellyband will increase interest, enhance sexuality, improve the relationship between husband and wife, and meet sexual needs.

Features of open crotch bellyband

The characteristic of open crotch bellyband is that there is a small hole design in the lower body position, which is convenient for sexual life and urinary.Compared with traditional underwear, it has a strong breathability that makes women feel very comfortable while not losing sexy effects.The open crotch bellyband not only improves the senses, but also meets various sexual needs. It is a very practical sexy underwear.

Maintenance of open crotch bellyband

Like other underwear, open crotch bellybands need to be washed and maintained frequently.It is best to use hand washing when washing to avoid wear and deformation. It is recommended to use a neutral washing solution to clean it. Do not use a bleach -containing washing solution.After washing, it should be dried in a ventilated place.

Purchase of open crotch bellyband

To buy the right open crotch bellyband underwear, the following factors need to be considered: fabric, size, style and price.The fabric should be soft, comfortable, breathable, and durable. If there is a better anti -allergic performance; the size should be appropriate, don’t be too tight, don’t be too loose, so as not to affect the comfort of wearing; the style must be beautiful, fashionable, sexy, meet your own aesthetic needs; The price must be economical, and the open crotch bellyband can be selected.


Catriot bellyband

The open crotch bellyband, like other sexy underwear, needs to be matched with other clothing.You can choose sexy sleeping skirts, perspective skirts, lace slings, etc., making the overall shape more perfect, can attract more attention and increase your charm.

Open crotch bellyband wearing taboos

Although the open crotch bellyband has many advantages, it also needs to pay attention to some taboos.First of all, women should not wear open crotch bellybands during menstruation, so as not to cause problems such as infection and stimulation and affect health.Secondly, do not show an open crotch bellyband in public, so as not to cause other people’s dislocation and discomfort.


In short, opening the crotch bellyband is a very practical and sexy sexy underwear. Its appearance adds more fun and interest to the life of the husband and wife.However, women should pay attention to buying underwear that suits them before buying, and pay attention to the contraindications of wearing in order to better enjoy the happiness brought by the interesting life.