Sexy underwear open pants pictures appreciation

Sexy underwear open pants pictures appreciation

What is open pants?

Opening pants is a kind of female sexy underwear similar to underwear. It has a crack on the crotch, which is convenient for women to perform sexual behavior without having to completely take off their sexy underwear.

Classification of open pants

According to the material, the opening pants can be divided into silk, cotton, lace, leather, etc.According to the characteristics of different materials, consumers can choose a style that suits them.

Silk open pants style

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Silk opening pants are light and soft, very comfortable.They are often equipped with long clothes, pajamas, etc., which can be used to increase sexual interest at night.

Cotton -opening pants style

The style of cotton -opening pants is more durable, good breathability, and is very suitable for daily wear.They usually look more casual, can be used to relax their leisure time, or for daily work.

Lace opening pants style

Lace opening pants are more exquisite and unique in design, often with various lace decorations.These erotic underwear can often be used for special occasions, such as parties and nightclubs.

Leather opening pants style

The style of leather opening pants shows their delicateness. They have been designed as sexy and powerful qualities, and they are often used in related fields such as SM.

Selection of the size of the stall pants

There are multiple sizes in the open pants, and consumers can choose the size according to their body size when buying.When buying, we can take the correct size according to our own waist, hips and other indicators to avoid purchasing too large or too small sexy underwear.


Sexy open pants style matching

The matching pants and other sexy underwear can bring more sexy pleasure.For example, when matching adult erotic underwear, you can choose to match with sexy tulle dresses, lace underwear, etc. to achieve the best results.

best choice

Different stalls have different characteristics and applicable occasions.Consumers should find the most suitable style according to their actual situation.I suggest that consumers should have a detailed understanding before buying to avoid unnecessary troubles.

in conclusion

Opening pants is a very special sexy underwear, revealing a different kind of sexy and charm.Although they are not suitable for everyone, for those who take the initiative to explore and open minds, they can bring infinite sexual interests and pleasure.