Sexy underwear pantye show

Sexy underwear pantye show

What is thong panties

Through panties are a more alternative underwear style. On the hips, the clothes are connected with a thin rope, just like the "Ding" character, so it is named the thong underwear.

Advantages of thong underwear

Compared to traditional underwear, buty panties have some unique advantages.First of all, this kind of underwear is very suitable for some people who need to show their figure, because it can make the figure more sexy and charming.Secondly, because there is no large area of clothing, wearing thong underwear will be more breathable and comfortable.

Suitable for crowd wearing thong underwear

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Although the panties are very sexy, not everyone is suitable for wearing it.Generally speaking, those who have obvious muscle lines and strong hips are more suitable for wearing thong underwear, while people with fatting and loose hips are not suitable for trying this kind of underwear style.

How to wear thong underwear

You need to pay attention to some details wearing thong underwear.First of all, the size of the purchase must be accurate, not too large or too small.Secondly, pay attention to fix the thin rope on the buttocks as much as possible when wearing, avoid uncomfortable wear or fall off due to swinging.

Suitable occasion

Through panties are not suitable for all occasions. Generally speaking, it is only suitable to wear in private occasions, sexy party or nightclubs.It is easy to leave a bad impression on the official occasions or walking on the street.

How to maintain thong underwear

Through panties can be hand -washed or machine -washed like other underwear.However, it should be noted that this underwear is not suitable for cleaning or soaking for too long, so as not to fall off or deform.It is recommended to use a neutral laundry solution during cleaning, while adding some bleaching powder to avoid stains.

Choose the appropriate panties style

For different wear occasions and personal needs, there are many different styles of thong panties on the market.For example, some styles of thin ropes are thinner, which is suitable for people to give people a more fragile visual experience; while some styles of thin ropes are relatively stout, which is more suitable for some more fit people.


How to choose the right material

The material of the panties is also one of the factors that need to be considered.Generally speaking, the material of soft, soft, and breathable panties is more popular, so that it can fit the skin more and more comfortable to wear.At the same time, the material must have a certain elasticity, helping the fine rope to tighten the hips better, and avoid slipping off.

How to match sexy underwear

As a unique underwear style, the chipped underwear needs to be matched with the appropriate sexy underwear to make the greatest charm.Under normal circumstances, the sexy lingerie style that is more suitable for wearing panties includes some shoulder -style back underwear or some strap underwear.


Throbic underwear is a relatively alternative underwear style. You need to consider whether it is suitable for your body and wear.If you wear and match the sexy underwear on the right occasion, then the panties may make you show more charming charm.