She had to be torn in the sexy underwear

She had to be torn in the sexy underwear

Fun underwear mysterious and seductive

Interest underwear is a mysterious and seductive underwear that can increase self -confidence while increasing interest.Therefore, many women like to buy sexy underwear.However, when using sexy underwear, it is prone to something embarrassing.

Tear of sexy underwear

One day, my friend Xiaofang told me that she wore a new set of sexy underwear to date, but during the date, the sexy underwear was torn and made her very embarrassing.And this is not an isolated case. Many women have encountered tear problems of sexy underwear.

Why are sexy underwear easily torn?

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Why are sexy underwear easily torn?This is because the fabric of the sexy underwear is thin. It is used to show sexy rather than cold -proof. In addition, some women will adopt excessive pulling when wearing underwear, or take off underwear too much, resulting in tearing underwear.

How to avoid tearing of sexy underwear?

If you want to avoid the tears of sexy underwear, we can start with the following points.

1. Choose suitable size

You need to choose a suitable size of sexy underwear. Do not choose to be larger or small, so as to avoid tearing.

2. Pay attention to the style of underwear

The quality of different styles of underwear will also be different. If you want a higher quality, you can choose a slightly higher price of underwear.At the same time, choosing those sexy underwear brands with good reputation can also reduce the probability of quality problems when purchasing.

3. Fine details processing

The key point of attention is to wear and remove gently when wearing underwear.If it is a tight sexy underwear, do not pull with excessive strength to keep the posture when wearing.Fine details can make the lingerie life longer.


Women should actively use sexy sheets

Although sexy underwear has a problem of tearing, we cannot give up using sexy underwear.

1. Sex underwear can increase self -confidence

Putting on a beautiful sexy underwear can make women more confident and more naturally show the sexy side and increase their self -confidence.

2. Have fun underwear make women more attractive

The design of sexy underwear is diverse. There are many different sexy shapes. It can satisfy women’s pursuit of beauty and aesthetics, and at the same time make themselves more charm.

3. Increase the fun of life

Another advantage of using sex underwear is that it can increase the fun of life and make the plain life full of interest and freshness.


Interest underwear is a underwear that can increase the charm of women, increase women’s self -confidence, and increase the fun of life.Although the problem of tearing with sex underwear is prone to tear, as long as it follows the correct method of use, it can be effectively avoided.Therefore, women can try to use sexy underwear to make themselves more confident and sexy.