Taobao sex lingerie can not be reviewed on the shelves

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy, eye -catching underwear.It emphasizes the body curve of women, usually includes lace, silk, net eye and other materials.In addition to basic women’s underwear, sexy underwear also includes suspenders, tights, pantyhose, thongs, etc., which often have strong sexual hints.Therefore, sexy underwear is usually used for sex occasions or husband and wife daily necessities.

What is the reason why sexy underwear does not pass the review?

Taobao is a very strict platform, and any of the products that violate the regulations are prohibited from being sold on the platform.Interest underwear is no exception. If your sexy underwear has the following situations, it is likely to be blocked by Taobao.

Prohibited material

Taobao prohibits the sale of products containing high -risk substances below -tannin, chemical fiber, paint, laser, and fur.If your sexy underwear contains these materials, it will be difficult to pass the review.

Size standard issues

The size of the sexy underwear is usually relatively special. Different manufacturers will have different size standards. If your erotic underwear does not meet the size of Taobao (if the specific size of the size cannot be written), then it is likely to not be impossibleApproved.

Anti -sex hint

Although sexy underwear is usually sexually hinted, but if your sexy underwear is too obvious or too explicit, and even contains the imitation design of some human parts, it will not meet the relevant provisions of Taobao and will be prohibited for sale.

Violation of moral rules

Interest underwear is sometimes accused of violating moral rules, which is related to product design and advertising methods.Taobao is forbidden to sell vulgar, disgusting and uncomfortable products on the platform.If your sexy underwear is considered tolerant or nausea, it is difficult to pass the review.

Model photos illegal

When selling goods on Taobao, pictures that can prove the authenticity of the product must be used.The photos displayed by sexy underwear should try to avoid sexual hints or directly depict the human parts.If the model’s photo is too exposed or explicit, it is difficult to pass the review of sex underwear.

Label is not clear

Although sexy underwear is usually used in husband and wife life, such as "sexual products" or "adult products" descriptions are considered obvious unscayed labels.Therefore, if your sexy underwear label description is too obvious, it will not pass the review.

Too large or small size

Taobao strictly restricts the sale of excessive or too small products.If your sexy underwear is too large or too small, it will not meet the Taobao standard and cannot pass the review.

No trademark or trademark infringement

Interest underwear must have trademarks or other certification signs to prove that it comes from legal manufacturers.If your sexy underwear has no trademark or trademark infringement, it will also be banned by Taobao.

in conclusion

If you want to sell sexy underwear on Taobao, you need to keep in mind Taobao.It is necessary to ensure that it meets Taobao’s cats and abide by Taobao’s rules.If you can ensure that your sexy underwear is based on high quality, diversification and creative basis, then it must break through Taobao review and become a stable product for sales.

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