The largest production place for sex underwear

The largest production place for sex underwear

Japan: known for innovation

Japan has always been one of the production sites of sexy underwear and the world’s largest erotic underwear exporter.Japan’s sexy underwear is characterized by innovation, with novel design styles and rich styles, and can often lead the trend in popular fashion.

Taiwan, China: Exquisite skills

Taiwan’s sexy underwear industry has a large scale, exquisite skills, and guaranteed product quality.Taiwan is known for its high -quality sexy underwear and is welcomed by the international market.

Mainland China: Low price High cost performance

There are a large number of sexy underwear manufacturers in mainland China, and the cost is low, so the price is lower than the sexy underwear in other countries.Although the quality of some manufacturers is not high, there are also some high -cost sexy underwear brands in the market.

America: sexy and comfortable

In the United States’ sexy underwear is characterized by sexy and comfortable, the design is simple and generous, strengthening the sense of integration of clothing and underwear, and is loved by Westerners.Many big brands make sexy underwear in the United States, and the market share is relatively high.

France: Advanced luxury

French sex lingerie is characterized by high -level luxury, full of artistic atmosphere and detailed craftsmanship, selecting high -quality fabrics, showing a strong French style, making people feel very gorgeous and aristocratic.

British: strong cultural heritage

British sexy underwear focuses on details and quality. The color is darker. The design is mainly lace, ribbon, lace, etc., with strong cultural heritage.British sexy underwear style is elegant and simple.

Italy: Except the beauty of women’s curves

Italy’s erotic underwear is outlined in the figure of women’s figure, focusing on tailoring and details, and fully show the beauty of women.Italian sexy underwear occupies a certain market share in the European market, which is loved by women.

Australia: sports style

Australia’s sexy underwear is mainly sports style. The design style is biased towards leisure fashion, which is both fashionable and comfortable.Australian sexy underwear focuses on women’s health and physiological characteristics, especially suitable for sports occasions and daily leisure.

Canada: Natural environmental protection

Canadian sexy underwear focuses on nature and environmental protection, and pursues both fashion and comfortable and comfortable materials.Canadian sex lingerie brands have a high reputation in consumers.

Germany: High scientific and technological content

Germany’s sexy underwear usually has high technological content, the leading materials and fabric technology, and the technologies such as breathable, waterproof, antibacterial, and shock absorption are widely used.Germany’s sexy underwear is relatively high, but quality and quality are better.


The production place of sexy underwear is closely related to the culture, habits and styles of each country.In addition to the countries mentioned above, some other countries have quietly risen to become the production place of sexy underwear.Of course, the style and quality of the sexy underwear in each country are also different.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to make a choice according to your needs, taste and budget.

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