The office wears the gear sex underwear GIF

1 Introduction

Wearing sexy underwear in the office?You must feel too sexy, exposed and even vulgar.But in fact, the office’s sexy underwear is actually a fashion choice with a very modern and quality of life.In this article, we will explore the ways and precautions of wearing sexy underwear in different professional scenarios.

2. Overview of the sexy underwear

Open sex underwear refers to the design that can be opened or zipper in the private part area to make the wearer more convenient and free to play sex games.This underwear style usually uses sexy fish nets, lace, mesh and other materials, sometimes equipped with lace lace, making women more charming.

3. What is the office in the office and sexy underwear GIF?

The office in the office is a stylish, sexy, and noble office dressing method. It originated in Europe and the United States and gradually swept the world.This method of dressing focuses on matching, simple in clothing, elegant texture, and dark color.At the same time, while maintaining a noble temperament, the opening design also guarantees comfort and freedom.

4. Suitable crowd

Wearing a sexy underwear requires self -confidence and courage, suitable for professional women who pursue fashion and freedom.At the same time, women need a mature and beautiful temperament to better wear open -stall sex underwear.In addition, women wearing sexy underwear should have a certain psychological quality and should restrain themselves as much as possible to avoid discomfort from leaders and colleagues.

5. How to wear

When wearing a sexy underwear in the office, we should pay attention to conservativeness, decent, and not too public.It is recommended to pair of trousers of the same color in white or black background, try not to expose too much skin.When wearing a sexy underwear, especially when the bottom of the bottom of the crotch, it is recommended to put on warm small underwear.

6. Note

When choosing to open the sexy underwear, we should pay attention to quality and comfort, and we should choose underwear styles that conform to our body and style.In addition, in the process of wearing, we should also pay attention to our posture and words and deeds, to properly control emotions and communication methods, and we will not lose ourselves because we wear open -gear erotic underwear.


We should abide by some basic taboos, such as the office is not suitable for dressing too sexy or exposed; the skirt should not be too short, too tight, and obstruction to avoid excessive exposure in the office.In addition, we should avoid wearing sex clothing that does not match office occasions, which will make people feel uncomfortable or disgusted.

8. Conclusion

It is not an easy thing to wear a sexy underwear in the office. It requires courage and confidence, and needs to pay attention to matching, details and etiquette.However, if you can wear open -stalls in the office, you can not only show personal charm, but also add a fashion and modern sense, making our lives more colorful.

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