The Republic of China sexy underwear set pictures

The Republic of China sexy underwear set pictures

Understand the origin of the love underwear of the Republic of China

In the early twentieth century, there were great feudal ideas and conservative ideas in Chinese society. Sexual topics have always been a taboo, but in large cities such as Shanghai, many new products and concepts have been introduced with foreign goods. Among themIncluding sexy underwear.

Unique design elements

The design of the love underwear set of the Republic of China is mostly based on the traditional Chinese wedding culture and the social customs of the Republic of China. Many unique design elements, such as folds, drooping, and bows are adopted.

The popularity of lace and red

The love underwear of the Republic of China emphasizes the curve and body of women, so it uses a large number of materials such as lace. At the same time, because red represents desire and enthusiasm, it has also become one of the main colors of sexy underwear suits.

Different types of sexy underwear

During the Republic of China, the style of the sexy underwear suit mainly included fox tail straps, dragon and phoenixes, red skirts, sexy underwear and lace corset plus bikini.These styles have a unique design and form, providing women with more luxurious and sexual charm.

The trend of the time at that time

Women in the Republic of China began to pursue individuality and fashion, and began to pay more attention to their appearance and image.As a result, sexy underwear in the Republic of China has also become a new force in the fashion industry and has attracted the attention and love of the whole society.

The evolution of sexy underwear in modern times

With the changes of the times and the gradual opening of people’s values, the design concept of sexy underwear has become diversified and enriched.For women, sexy underwear is no longer a simple sexy underwear, but a more free, direct, and equal way to show the beauty of the body.

The change of value concept

In contemporary society, people generally believe that women have the sovereignty of their bodies and advocate respect and support.In this sense, the sexy lingerie suit, as a popular fashion item, is also constantly being updated and developed.

Bleeding of multicultural background

Nowadays, the sexy underwear suit of the Republic of China has evolved into a fashion and artwork with profound cultural connotation and multiple cultural backgrounds.From the expression of the elements of the traditional culture of the Eastern Republic of China, to the modern design technique, material concept and gender awareness, the multicultural background blends in the same fashion items.

Return to nature and health

With the gradual improvement of women’s physical consciousness, women have begun to pay attention to wearing healthy and comfortable sexy underwear. Craft upgrades and material improvement have become a key factor in pursuing a healthier experience, and they are more environmentally friendly and sustainable.


The love underwear set of the Republic of China has gathered the integration of traditional Chinese culture and modern fashion concepts. It is a fashion item with profound cultural heritage and cultural cognition in the new era.We should grasp the cultural trends of contemporary society and promote the diversified development and continuous progress of the love underwear suits of the Republic of China.

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