V -type suspender sex underwear

V -shaped band sexy underwear: sexy, personality, elegance

Brief introduction

V -shaped band sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that is shiny. Because of the name implies, its shoulder strap is V -shaped, showing the feminine feminine shoulder and neck lines.Whether it is ordinary models or more teasing styles, V -shaped sexy underwear is a underwear that combines sexy and elegant elegance, which is very suitable for women who want to improve their confidence and settle curve.

Basic style

The basic styles of the V -shaped lingerie include monochrome such as black, white, flesh -colored and multi -color styles stitched by a variety of colors, plus some exquisite lace edges or bows and other decorations.Simple and attractive, very suitable for women who do not like too fancy.

European and American style

European and American style V -shaped sexy underwear often uses a large number of buttons, rivets, and other metal decorations, making underwear more fashionable and popular.In addition, European and American -American underwear is often matched with all transparent materials or stitching metal elements with lace to create a strong sexy atmosphere.

Japanese style

The cute Japanese -style V -type suspender erotic underwear prefers to use Kawai’s Barbie pink, strawberry red and other colors, with a large bow and lace decoration, emphasizing the sense of girlishness.Some Japanese V -shaped sexy underwear will add elements such as small animals in design, and presented through the form of graffiti, with a strong modern sense and affinity.

Choice of accessories

The accessories of the V -shaped sexy underwear must be appropriate and decent, otherwise it is just like "painting snakes to add enough", but it will be counterproductive without the dressing effect.For example, choosing more transparent hanging sticks and black stockings, it looks relatively low -key. Open styles such as T -shaped pants and pants, it is easy to highlight sexy and gender.


The body of the V -shaped band sexy underwear is high, and it will naturally affect the mood and overall perception when not confident.Be sure to pay attention to your body when choosing, don’t follow the trend blindly.If paired with ripped jeans and short jackets, it can enhance fashion and matching, and avoid simply sexy.

Party finale

When the boring party or inaccessible, dress up and wear a sexy V -shaped sexy underwear, which will definitely become the most dazzling focus.With hot beauty and exaggerated hairstyles, the attention of others has also enhanced its confidence.

Classic match

The classic partner of the V -shaped lingerie is a medium -high waist tight pants. This can not only show the sexy curve, but also take into account the healthy shape, which is very suitable for those office workers who have been sitting for a long time.In short, as long as it is well matched, it can make your sexy beauty perfectly show.

Before bedtime

Women’s home -to -home -to -home wear should not forget sexy V -shaped hammer sexy underwear.Unlike his interesting underwear, the V -shaped sexy underwear still retains a part of the noble and elegant sense of elegance (of course, quietly tells you that as long as you outline the comfortable arc on the bed, such a sexy, elegant suspender sexy underwear will be in youThere is a different interest and sexy in the body).


V -shaped sexy underwear is a type of underwear style that integrates sexy, personality and elegance, which not only makes women show the most charming side, but also enhances confidence and enhance curves.Whether it is a party, before going to bed or daily, the V -shaped sexy underwear is an indispensable fashion equipment for women.

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