Video tutorial of sexy underwear making


Interest underwear is an indispensable part of women’s lives, and making sexy underwear is a big market.This article will bring you a video tutorial for sexy underwear to help you understand the process of making love underwear.

Materials and tool preparation

Before starting to make sexy underwear, we need to prepare the following materials and tools:

Type: Can be used to make inner cloth and outer cloth

Relly edge: can be used to decorate underwear

Detail: Don’t choose the thick line, otherwise the line head will be exposed in the clothes

Sewing machine: Use a sewing machine to complete the production process more quickly

Scissors: It can be used to cut cloth and ruffled edges

Cut underwear

Before tailoring underwear, you need to get your underwear size.Generally, sexy underwear will be more dense, and the standard size may not be suitable for these styles of underwear, so be sure to cut it according to your body size.

Modeling paper can help you get more accurate fabric shapes and make your underwear tailoring more accurate.

Suture underwear

Sewing with the inner cloth and the outer cloth is the last step of the underwear.At this time, it is recommended that you use the same color line or transparent line to prevent the line from being exposed.

A better suture method is to use professional plastic plugs.These plugs can be moved smoothly on the fabric, higher cleanliness, and avoiding the use of needles, so that wearing more comfortable.

Add lotus leaf edge

The ruffled edge is a common design element of sexy underwear, which brings a romantic feeling.

When adding lotus leaf edges, it is recommended that you start from the chest and sew it along the entire edge of the clothes to ensure that the ruffled edges are comfortable to the skin comfortably.

Internal layout

The internal layout of sexy underwear is very important because it needs to be closely fitted with the curve and lines of your body.This can ensure that the underwear is always comfortable and not sliding when wearing.

When arranging the internal lining, use the same technique to fix it on the underwear.For thinner sexy underwear, you can use cushions or pearl cotton to enhance lines.

Decorative underwear

When you complete the suture of the underwear and the addition of the ruffled edge, you can freely add more decoration according to your preference.You can choose lace lace, beads or lace jewelry to make underwear more unique.


Congratulations, you have successfully made a messy underwear!Keep in mind that before wearing underwear, you must clean and disinfect correctly.


This article introduces you to the production process of sexy underwear, including preparation of materials and tools, tailoring underwear, suture underwear, adding lotus edges, internal layout, decorative underwear and final decoration.Although the production process may require some skills and skills, this is a very valuable skill that can produce some unique, high -quality sexy underwear.


The production skills of sexy underwear can provide you with many advantages.First, it can greatly reduce your underwear cost.Secondly, you can adjust it to meet your preferences and needs by making your own underwear.Finally, when you successfully make a sexy underwear, you will get a very unique sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

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