Wearing a sexy lingerie kiss beauty

Wearing a sexy lingerie kiss beauty

Wearing erotic underwear is an essential equipment for many girls to interpret sexy and show charm.But when kissing beauty, you need to pay attention to something, such as the color, style and dressing of underwear.If you want to make a kiss more passionate, look at this article.

1. The color of the underwear

The color of the underwear is important for kisses.Generally speaking, red, black, blue, purple and other colors are more attractive, which can make the other party pay more attention to your body and enhance the passion of kiss.Of course, the color of choosing underwear should be determined according to the occasion and personal preferences.

2. Underwear style

Different underwear styles will bring different feelings. Choosing a style that suits you can add the fun of kissing.For example, perspective underwear, lace underwear, net eye underwear, etc., can make you show sexy charm and add interest to kisses.

3. The size of the underwear

The size of the underwear is also very important. Too tight or too pine can affect the comfort of kiss.Make sure that the size of the underwear is appropriate, it can make you more comfortable in the kiss, and also make the other party feel your body.

4. How to wear

It is also necessary to pay attention to the way of dressing. First of all, the position of the underwear must be correct.Secondly, you can add more creativity on wearing, such as hiding tattoos or jewelry under underwear, adding a sense of mystery.However, do not wear too much to avoid affecting the quality of kiss.

5. Underwear material

The comfort of the underwear is also important.Different materials will give people a different feeling, you can choose the material that suits you.For example, soft and comfortable cotton underwear can make you more comfortable in kissing.

6. Cleaning underwear

The cleaning of underwear is also very important. Keeping the cleanliness of the underwear can make you more confidently show your charm.If the underwear has odors or dirty, it is easy to destroy the atmosphere of the kiss.

7. Selection of underwear accessories

The choice of underwear accessories can also add interest to kisses.For example, choosing necklaces, earrings, rings and other accessories suitable for underwear can make your kiss more gorgeous and more textured.Of course, the choice of jewelry should be appropriate, do not excessive.

8. The quality of underwear

The quality of good underwear can make you more comfortable and comfortable at the same time, and can also show your charm.When buying underwear, don’t just look at the price, but also the quality.Good underwear investment is worth it.

Viewpoint: Choosing the right sexy underwear is very important for kissing.It allows you to show your charm and add a kiss.However, don’t put all your energy on underwear, and more importantly, bring a comfortable and pleasant kiss experience to the other party.

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