What cosmetic products are good for sexy lingerie?


Wearing sex lingerie can make women feel confident, sexy and beautiful, but it is not all good -looking. It also needs to use some cosmetics to improve the overall effect.The following introduces some sexy lingerie makeup makeup suggestions to help you show a perfect image when wearing sexy underwear.

Base makeup

Base makeup is very important for makeup of sexy underwear.First of all, you need to choose a liquid foundation suitable for your skin tone to make the whole skin look more smooth.Secondly, using some concealer products can effectively cover dullness, defects and dark circles.Finally, set makeup with powder or powder to make the makeup more long and delicate.

Eye makeup

Eyes are one of the highlights of sexy underwear makeup.Use some metallic eye shadow and smoky makeup effects to highlight the charm of the eyes.If you want to create a soft personality, you can use pink or purple eye shadow.

Lip makeup

Choosing lipstick color is one of the most important steps for sexy lingerie makeup, especially when using red color sexy underwear.It is recommended to use dark red, foreign red or light peach red lipsticks, which can make the lips fuller and highlight the sexy charm of women.


Use blush can make your cheeks more natural and more three -dimensional.If you want to make sexy underwear more sexy, it is recommended to use orange or orange blush.


Eyebrows are an important element of sexy lingerie makeup.Pay attention to fill in their shape and eyebrows and hair color matching.You can use eyebrows or eyebrow powder to emphasize the shape of the eyebrows and make the entire makeup more perfect.


Perfume is also an aspect of sexy lingerie makeup.Choosing perfume suitable for you or the overall makeup smell can enhance the overall effect and create a perfect image.

Nail polish

The last element of sexy underwear makeup is nail polish.Use dark red or light pink nail polish to add more charming details.You can also choose different colors or decorations according to the theme of the overall shape.

Recommended Products

We recommend using the following brands of cosmetics to create a perfect sexy underwear makeup:

Base makeup -Estee Lauder, Lancome, Chanel

Eye makeup -Armani, Chanel, Lancome

Lip Makeup -McLei, Dior, Chanel

Blush -Bobbi Brown, Nars

Eyebrow -Baoluzhen Selection, Zhicunxiu, MAC

Perfume -Dior, Chanel, Finy

Nail polish -L’Oreal, Qiaolan, Lancome

in conclusion

Whether you want to wear sexy sexy underwear, to participate in a party, or simply want to make yourself more confident, using appropriate cosmetics can make you more charming and delicate.I hope the above suggestions will be helpful to you.

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