What is the material of sexy underwear?

What is the material of sexy underwear?

Sex underwear is a charm with sexy and teasing.In order to ensure comfort and sexuality, the material of sexy underwear is of great significance.In this article, we will explore the material type of sexy underwear.

1. Cotton material

Cotton is one of the most common sexy underwear materials.It is soft and comfortable, and it is not easy to cause allergies or irritation.It is breathable and does not make your skin feel humid or impermeable.However, cotton erotic underwear is not as sexy or visually impact as other materials.

2. Lace material

Lace is a classic sexy lingerie material.It is very sexy and gorgeous, which can increase the charm and design of sexy underwear.The texture of lace sexy underwear is soft and high.However, if you sensitive skin, it may cause discomfort.

3. Adhesive material

The adhesive material is a sexy underwear material with many advantages.It is a reusable adhesive that can be designed carefully.In addition, it does not need to wear a shoulder strap or any other supporting device, so it is suitable for all kinds of clothes, which is extremely suitable for creating naked feelings.However, if someone is sensitive to adhesives or both, there will be reactions with adhesive material underwear. Choose it carefully, it is best to avoid it.

4. Silk material

Silk is a high -end material that is used in many sexy underwear products.It has the characteristics of softness, smoothness and comfort, and can emphasize the body curve and sexy feeling.But silk needs to be washed by hand. Do not use a washing machine to clean it. It also needs to pay special attention to anti -theft, because as we all know, the best capital is Imitations (that is, pirated products), especially silk.

5. Leather material

Leather sex lingerie is usually a representative of artistic sexy underwear.It is full of irritation and teasing, which can show sexy and bold characteristics.However, leather underwear needs special maintenance and cleaning, and it needs to be relaxed before wearing to ensure comfort.

6. Polyester fiber material

Polyester fiber is another common sexy lingerie material.It is light and soft, easy to maintain shape, which will bring greater comfort.Its properties make it not need special attention or maintenance, and it is a more economical sexy underwear.

7. Polyurethane material

Polyurethane is a technology material. It is full of elasticity, making your body lines more perfect and smooth, increasing its sexy and attractiveness.Polyurethane materials and resistance to friction are very good, usually used for sports tights.But its breathability is not very good, making it less suitable in a humid environment.

8. Pink Flying Sky Artificial Win & Nets

Pink flying heavenly silk & mesh is a very sexy and super -modern sexy underwear material.This material is very soft, light, and breathable, which feels very comfortable.It is very suitable for summer wearing, and women in summer need this breathability.


Everyone has different preferences and needs.When selecting sexy underwear, the comfort, sexuality and quality of the material should be considered.With the correct material and design, sexy underwear can become a tool to improve self -confidence and pleasure.

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