What is the sexy underwear for a small girl?

What is the sexy underwear with a small girl?

1. Choose bras with shoulder pads and thickened cups

The bras wearing shoulder pads and thick cups can increase the three -dimensional feeling of the chest and make the chest lines more perfect.

2. Select sexy underwear with lace and decoration

Choosing sexy underwear with lace and decoration can effectively make the chest more plump and better visual effects.

3. Avoid buying too smooth sexy underwear

The smooth sexy underwear makes the chest look smaller, and you should choose a strong sexy underwear.

4. Choose a round neck style sexy underwear

Round -neck -style sexy underwear can effectively make the chest look full and smoother.

5. Choose bright or colorful underwear to increase the visual effect

Dark underwear will make the chest look smaller. Choosing bright or colorful underwear can effectively increase the visual effect.

6. Wear stretching sexy underwear

Stretching sexy underwear can not only fit the body comfortably, but also make the chest more three -dimensional.

7. Choose sexy underwear with waist and concentration

Choosing the waist and the more concentrated sexy underwear can alleviate the phenomenon of sagging due to the small chest.

8. Avoid wearing too tight sexy underwear

Excessive tight -fitting underwear restricts the stretch of the body, making the chest unable to be comfortable.

9. Avoid buying too eye -catching sexy underwear

Although you want to take a showcase, you can easily disperse your eyes when you buy over -eye -catching sexy underwear instead of highlighting your chest.

10. Don’t ignore the sexy lingerie of the basic style

Although the basic style of sexy underwear looks relatively plain, their "affirmative" effect can bring unexpected visual effects.

in conclusion:

Although for girls with small breasts, sexy underwear with three -dimensional sense, waist, thick cup, bright color, and basic style can effectively highlight the breasts, but they should still be purchased according to their physical characteristics and needsEssenceThe ultimate goal is to make yourself feel comfortable and confident, and present your beauty and sexy.

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