What should I do if my roommate bought a sexy underwear?

Step 1: Keep calm

Don’t panic if you find your roommate buying sexy underwear.First, keep calm, don’t let your emotions affect your judgment.

Step 2: Don’t make an overdue reaction

Don’t make an over -reaction, such as shouting, losing temper, or putting pressure on roommates.This will only make things more complicated.

Step 3: Respect the privacy of roommates

Everyone has their own private life and privacy, and you should respect the privacy of roommates.Don’t directly ask them why they buy sexy underwear or where to buy.

Step 4: Don’t misunderstand sex toys

Sex underwear and sex toys are not equivalent to immoral or unhealthy.It is normal for people to have a variety of sexual imagination and sexual orientation.Don’t impose your personal values on others.

Step 5: Find the right time to talk to my roommate

When your emotions are controlled and your mood is calm, you can find a suitable time to talk to your roommate.You should communicate with them in private places to ensure that no one else is present.

Step 6: Polite and frankly communicate with roommates

When talking to roommates, you need to be polite, but also frank.You can express what you find and ask them if they need help or support.

Step 7: Respect the choice of others

Even if you do not agree with the choice of roommates, you should respect their decision.You can give your opinions and suggestions, but don’t try to change their behavior.

Step 8: Maintain a good roommate relationship

Finally, you need to maintain a good relationship with your roommate.You can express understanding and support to help them solve the problem.This will help you build closer friendship and trust relationships.


When I found that my roommate bought a sexy underwear, keep calm, do not respond to an excessive reaction.Respect the privacy and choice of roommates, and talk at the right time.Maintaining a good relationship with roommates and expressing understanding and support, this will help establish closer friendship and trust relationships.

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