What should I do if the fun underwear is opened?

What should I do if the fun underwear is opened?

Interest underwear has a unique design and shape, which is one of the important props to increase interest.However, in daily use, sometimes the opening of the stall of sex underwear will produce odor, affecting the mood and experience of the wearer.So, what should I do if the sexy lingerie is opened?The following will provide you with some reference strategies.

Use professional cleaning agent cleaning

Interest underwear is a high -end toy, and its hygiene and cleaning are essential.When the sexy lingerie is launched, we can use a professional cleaning agent to clean it.The cleaning agent can usually clear the odor and make the sexy underwear refreshing.

Disinfection with bleach water

If some bacterial pollution appears in sex underwear, we can use bleach water for disinfection.This method can not only sterilize, but also eliminate odor.

Dry until it is completely dry

Wetness and humidity are also the main causes of odor.Therefore, after cleaning and disinfection, we must put the sexy underwear in a well -ventilated place to dry it. After it is completely dry, wear it again.

Replace sex liquid lining

Sometimes, the smell of the opening of the sex underwear may come from the lining.We can try to take the inner lining and replace it into a new lining to solve the problem of odor.

Use bamboo charcoal removal bag

Bamboo charcoal is a naturally non -toxic and tasteless deodorant.We can put bamboo charcoal bags in the sexual container pocket, or directly in the open range to significantly reduce the production of odor.

Pay attention to ventilation during storage

When storing sexy underwear, we should pay attention to ventilation.It is best to store the sexy underwear and lining separately, and place it in a ventilated and dry place. Do not stack multiple pieces of underwear together to avoid odor.

Buy good quality sexy underwear

Good quality and materials are the guarantee of sexy underwear without odor.When buying sexy underwear, we need to choose famous stores, well -known brands and high -quality products.This can not only avoid odor problems, but also ensure the comfort and safety of use.

Regular cleaning and replacement

Finally, we must pay attention to the regular cleaning and replacement of sexy underwear.When the odor of sexy underwear appears, we can clean and disinfect it in time. If the odor cannot be eliminated, then we must consider replacing new sexy underwear.


The above is how to solve the method and suggestion of the stalling odor of sexy underwear.In the actual use, we must always pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of sexy underwear to ensure lasting and healthy use.At the same time, different scenarios and need to choose different types of sexy underwear, truly add color and vitality to their bodies and fun.

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