What to do if female colleagues receive sexy underwear


It is embarrassing to receive sexy underwear to receive sexy underwear, especially when a gift comes from male colleagues or superiors.At this time, how should you deal with this situation?

do not panic

When you open the gift box, when you see a sexy underwear, the first reaction may be panic or embarrassment.However, it is time to keep calm.

Confirm the gift for you

Before dealing with this situation, confirm that this gift is given to you, rather than send it to you by mistake.You can find the gift giver of the gift, and confirm whether it is given to you.

Consider the gift given to you

Consider who gives you this gift, the nature of the gift will be different due to the different status of the gift giver.If the gift comes from your friends or colleagues, you can treat it as a joke.

Merchant’s refund policy

If you don’t want this erotic underwear, or you find that this sexy underwear is not suitable for you, you can consider the merchant’s return policy.Before applying for refunds, be sure to confirm the policy of the merchant and the conditions for returning.

Communicate with colleagues or leaders

If the gift comes from your superiors or colleagues, you can consider communicating with them.Tell them that you don’t want to receive this gift and ask them to withdraw the gift in a friendly way.

Don’t lose your temper to the gift givenmen

Even if you are very angry, don’t complain in public or companies, let alone lose your temper.This may bring you more serious problems and may harm your professional image.

Don’t affect the working relationship

Whether you receive a gift or reject gifts, avoid affecting the working relationship with colleagues or superiors.After all, it is very important to work together in the same company to maintain a good work relationship.

Properly keep gifts

If you decide to keep this sexy underwear, then you need to keep this gift properly.Put it in a safe place, avoid being seen by others, and avoid unnecessary trouble and embarrassment.

It is recommended not to give love underwear as a gift

Finally, we recommend that you do not give love underwear as a gift, especially for colleagues or superiors.This gift may cause unnecessary trouble and embarrassment, especially when the receiver of the gift is a woman.

in conclusion

If you unfortunately receive gifts like sex underwear, don’t panic, keep calm first.After confirming that the gift is given to you, consider receiving or rejecting gifts, and at the same time avoid affecting the work relationship with colleagues or superiors.

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