Where can I buy sexy underwear easy to use?

Where can I buy sexy underwear easy to use?

As a sexy underwear, sexy underwear is accepted and favored by more and more people.So the question is, where can I buy sexy underwear?The following points may help you.

1. Understand your body shape

Before buying sexy underwear, you must first understand your body shape.The whole body is sexy like a double -edged sword, not everyone is suitable, and the sexy underwear that does not match the figure may not look good, so pay attention to the choice.

2. Understand materials and fabrics

The material and fabric of sexy underwear are important factor affecting comfort and service life.It is recommended to choose underwear with high -quality fabrics, such as lace, silk, breathable cotton, etc. These fabrics are comfortable and soft and breathable.

3. Go to a regular sex products store

In order to avoid buying fake and inferior products, it is recommended to go to a regular sexual product store.The quality of sexy underwear purchased in regular stores is guaranteed, and the service is more thoughtful.

4. Choose a high reputation merchant when buying online

If there is no suitable physical store, you can choose to buy online.However, we must choose an online store with high reputation and high exposure, so as to minimize the possibility of buying fakes as much as possible.

5. Pay attention to the size

The size of sexy underwear is much more complicated than ordinary underwear. It is recommended to choose a size that conforms to your figure.Do not be too big, too small, and too large erotic underwear is not good -looking, and those who are too small will affect comfort.

6. Buy according to season

Sex underwear can be worn at any time, but choosing different styles in different seasons will look more tasteful.In winter, you can choose a fluffy underwear, which looks warm and special; in summer, you can choose breathable materials to make yourself feel comfortable and fast.

7. Refer to the experience of others

Every store on the Internet has a certain evaluation. We can refer to the experience of others and find those sexy underwear products with higher evaluation. This is generally more assured that you will buy it.

8. Pay attention to details

Some sexy underwear will be equipped with other items, such as seeing gauze socks, high heels, glasses, etc. It is necessary to match it so that the effect of the entire erotic underwear is more perfect.Pay attention to these details when buying.

9. Price is not the only standard

Although the price is one of the most basic factors when considering buying goods, don’t just look at the price of sexy underwear. It depends on the quality and design. The quality is not good, and the price is not cost -effective.

10. Through important

The last thing to emphasize is trying on.Everyone’s body is different. If you do n’t try it, you may not be perfect when you wear the sexy underwear, so you must try it on and then buy it.


Buying sexy underwear is a very private thing, but whether in a physical or online store, pay attention to your own purchase safety and comfort.The most suitable, most comfortable, and most suitable sexy underwear.

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