Where is more sexual underwear produced?


Sex underwear has now become an indispensable part of many women’s shopping lists.However, many people do not know which countries and regions of sex underwear are produced in.


China is one of the leaders of the global manufacturing industry, so sexy underwear is also produced in large quantities in China.It is mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places.


Thailand is also one of the important countries to create sexy lingerie.Thai workers’ salary is relatively low, so that sexy underwear manufacturers can produce products at lower costs.


Japan is a very famous country in design and innovation, so some high -end sexy underwear will also be produced in Japan.Japanese sexy underwear focuses on details and quality, and is loved by many people.


Italy is famous for its high -quality fabrics and fashionable design, and high -end brands of sexy underwear are also produced in Italy.Sex underwear manufacturers can find high -quality fabrics and manufacturing processes here.


The United States is also a country that creates sexy underwear, especially in Los Angeles, New York and Florida.American erotic underwear focuses on sexy and comfort.


Brazil is known for its small and exquisite sexy underwear.Brazilian lingerie often has bright colors and bold design, which is popular with young women.


There are many French sexy underwear brands, and they are also known for their elegance, gorgeous and high -quality design.French sexy underwear manufacturers focus on details and texture.


The style of German sex lingerie is simple and rigorous, and the quality is very good.German manufacturers usually focus on making products with more environmentally friendly materials.


Colombia is one of the emerging countries that create sexy underwear. Its products are usually low, but the quality is relatively low.


Mexico’s sexy underwear manufacturers are mainly concentrated in cities such as Trascala and Pacheka. Mexico’s sexy underwear is known for its bright colors and design.


The market for sex underwear in the market is very extensive, including China, Thailand, the United States, France and other countries.The interesting underwear of each country has different characteristics.Of course, the most important thing when buying is to buy the style and size that suits you, not just paying attention to which country from.

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