Where is the 2018 Interest Underwear Show?

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a private manifestation of women, which can enhance women’s charm and self -confidence, and make men feel great visual enjoyment.Every year, there are various sexy underwear shows. Let me introduce the highlights of the 2018 sexy lingerie show.

2. Victoria’s Secret Show

Wei Mi Show is an eternal classic. In 2018, the highlights of Wei Mi Show are still the most sexy angels.When the supermodels are dressed in various exquisite sexy underwear, when they appreciate them, they seem to be able to instantly become angels on the stage.

3. Freedom spirit show

The Freedom Spirit Show was launched by Playful Promises and Gabriela Gonzalez. It uses different colors and texture of sexy underwear as design inspiration. These underwear styles are diverse, including super sexy styles and fresh and sweet styles, creating freedom, authenticity, and positive.The upward atmosphere.

4. Bei’s Savage X Fenty Show

Rihanna’s sexy underwear brand Savage X Fenty was launched in 2018. Of course, a passionate sexy underwear show is indispensable.This show also invited many stars to help out, singing skills and sexy performances, which is quite expected.

5. Very transparent underwear show

The very transparent underwear show was launched by Unbound, and each set of underwear was very covered, and it looked like a naked body.The sexyness brought by this sense of transparency is unmatched by other sexy underwear. For those who are pursuing sex and sexuality, this show must not be missed.

6. Kiki de Montparnasse show

Kiki de Montparnasse’s sexy underwear is very luxurious. In recent years, the brand’s sexy underwear show has gradually attracted the attention of the public.The show released in 2018 is even more luxurious. The show is exquisite underwear and cosmetics everywhere, which makes people feel the unique charm of luxury brands.

7. Sexy culture and diversity convertible show

The sexy culture and diversity convertible shows launched by Nicolette Mason, Gabi Greg and Premme’s strong women showed to the world that sexy underwear could not only be worn by thin people, but fat people can also wear sexy beauty.


The sexy underwear designed by Jade Yoni is extremely sexy and can also be cultivated and beautified.The sexy underwear show this time surpassed sexy, and even made people feel a mysterious atmosphere.People can enjoy a variety of bright Jade Yoni sexy underwear on this grand show.


The sexy underwear style of the PAMPERED PASSIONS brand is more suitable for housewives. This is why this brand is well received worldwide.Their sexy underwear launched is very comfortable, does not oppress the body, and can also modify the figure.

10. Sexy dinner show

This season’s sexy dinner show is more like a fashion party. The designer has added many strange elements to make the whole show more innovative and fashionable.This time the sexy underwear show merged with a variety of different fashion elements, and also led the new fashion trend of sexy underwear in 2018.

In general, the 2018 sexy underwear show has its own characteristics. From the sexy dinner show to the free spirit show, each style is full of visual impact and fashion.In such a diverse sexy lingerie style, I believe everyone can find a style that suits them and wear their own unique style.

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