Where is the source of sexy underwear shop?

1. The importance of sexy underwear shop supply

The supply of sexy underwear shops is an important part of store opening. The stability and supply of supply determine whether the business of the store can continue to operate.If the supply problem cannot be resolved, it may affect the operation and performance of the store.

2. Quota underwear wholesale market

The sex underwear wholesale market is a channel for the store to purchase the supply directly from the manufacturer and wholesalers.In the wholesale market, sexy underwear is rich in style, and the price is a lot more discount than the daily retail price.However, the quality of supply in the wholesale market is unstable, and the store needs to screen by themselves.

3. Agent

Agent is also one of the sources of sex underwear store owners.After rigorous screening, agents can provide better sources of supply, and generally provide after -sales service, which will help the development of the store’s business.

4. Taobao, WeChat

Now Taobao, WeChat and other e -commerce platforms have also become a channel for the owners of sex underwear stores to find the source.The advantage of this method is that the supply is widely selected, the supply is not limited by the regional, and the price is more transparent and open.However, due to online transactions, stores need to choose more carefully to prevent being deceived or bought for inferior products.

5. Store purchase channels

Store purchase channels generally refer to goods or suppliers in physical shopping malls such as commercial streets and shopping centers.The advantage of this source of supply is that there is a physical display and trial link. After its own screening, the quality of the supply can be guaranteed.

6. Contact the manufacturer directly

Direct contact with manufacturers is also a way to obtain sources. Different from agents, the price from the manufacturer’s direct pickup will be lower.In terms of supply quality, the manufacturer can inquire and check the manufacturers, and control the quality of the source.

7. Platform order

Platform order refers to the owner of the sex underwear store using a third -party platform to order and directly send the goods to the store.Some large e -commerce platforms also provide such services.Compared with other supply, the supply of supply is relatively stable because the platform strictly screens and controls the source of the source.

8. Cooperative brand direct supply

If the sexy underwear shop cooperates with some brands, the problem of supply can be solved.In addition to stable supply with cooperative brands, in addition to stable sources, it can also improve the popularity and brand effect of the store through the propaganda of cooperative brands.

9. Note

When selecting the source of the source, the store should pay attention to four aspects: quality, price, price negotiation and after -sales service.The quality of the source plays a vital role in the continuous operation of business. Price is an important part of operating costs. Therefore, it is necessary to strive to maximize benefits as much as possible when negotiating the price.In addition, after -sales service is also an indispensable part of ensuring that merchants continue to obtain stable sources.

10. Conclusion

Different supply channels have various advantages and disadvantages.As the owner of the sexy underwear shop, you need to analyze and study in detail according to your actual situation. Finally, you choose the source of the shop suitable for your own shop to ensure the smooth supply of the store’s turnover, thereby winning stable customers and profits.

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