Whether to wear sexy underwear at night when you get married, okay?

The relationship between sexy underwear and marriage

When getting married, what kind of underwear to wear is a question that every woman will consider.As a special type of underwear, sexy underwear will also make many people doubt. Is this underwear suitable for marriage nights?The following will be answered in detail for you.

Brand and style choice

Although sexy underwear is more unique as a underwear type, as other underwear, the choice of style and brand is also important.When choosing a brand, quality and reputation should be mainly.When choosing a style, consider your personal preferences and body characteristics, and don’t follow the trend blindly.Be sure to choose a stylish style.

Color choice

In the choice of sexy underwear, white and red are the most common colors.Red is regarded as sexy, romantic and tempting colors, while white is a symbol of fresh, pure and noble.When choosing the color, it should be based on personal preferences and temperament, while considering cooperation with the groom.

Requirements for body figure

Although the design purpose of sexy underwear is to cater to sexual fantasies, in order to present a perfect effect, it still needs a certain body foundation.For example, women with beautiful bodies such as hips and breast enhancement will be more sexy and seductive with sexy underwear.But women do not have to give up attempts because of their imperfect figure. As long as they choose a style that suits them, they can still show charming charm.

Effect and feedback of sexy underwear

After wearing a sexy underwear, in addition to the psychological and spiritual effects of itself, it will also directly affect the feedback of the partner.Interest underwear can increase the taste and intimacy between husband and wife, allowing the two to relax and openly communicate and communicate.

Communicate with the groom

Be sure to communicate with the groom in advance, and don’t let the groom misunderstand this surprise.You can choose or guide the groom in a hint, so that he can feel the romance and interest of this husband and wife.

Falling underwear maintenance

Interest underwear is a private underwear, so more attention is needed in maintenance.It is necessary to confirm whether it can be washed and dry according to the material and style of the underwear, while avoiding bleaching water and concentrated detergent at the same time, so as not to cause damage to the underwear material.

Some couples may not be suitable for sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear can increase interest and intimacy for couples, not all husbands and wives are suitable for wearing sexy underwear.For example, some people may think that this underwear is too vulgar and even vulgar.So before choosing, it is best to understand each other’s thoughts in many ways.

Falling underwear is one of the means to enhance the relationship between husband and wife

Overall, wearing sexy underwear can add interest and intimacy to husband and wife, enhance feelings and attractiveness to each other.However, erotic underwear is not the whole of the relationship between the two, nor is it necessary. The husband and wife should be based on the basis of understanding, respect and trust.

Walking on a wedding night, wearing sexy lingerie, okay?

Finally, go back to the problem of the beginning of the article. Is it good to wear sexy lingerie in marriage night?In fact, there is no standard answer.This is a good choice for people who like and faith and faithful underwear; for those who do not understand or are interested, there may be no need to wear sexy underwear at all.What is important is not to ignore each other’s emotional relationships in marriage, and establish a healthy, balanced, stable, and harmonious marriage relationship.

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