Who is it better to sell for Taobao sex underwear?


With the development of contemporary society, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular, and is favored by more and more people.Taobao, as one of the largest domestic e -commerce platforms, naturally cannot avoid the influx of sex underwear.But for Taobao sellers, how to sell sexy underwear?Who sells to?Next, let’s discuss how to sell sexy underwear together.

Paragraph 1: Women

Interesting underwear was originally born to increase the charm of women, so women are also the most important consumer group.And when buying sexy underwear, women are obviously more patient and more time than men.Therefore, sellers are best to focus on marketing goals.Adding female avatars and other symbols to the seller’s shops, or paying attention to the emphasis on female consumer groups in the product description, are all good choices.

Paragraph 2: Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day and other special days

Special days such as Valentine’s Day and anniversary are important for the sales of sexy underwear.On these special days, there must be many people in the circle of friends who need to buy sexy underwear to increase their romantic atmosphere.Therefore, before these special days, sellers can carry out corresponding promotional activities to attract more consumer groups.For example, launching custom styles and adding small gifts to attract the attention of consumer groups.

Paragraph 3: Newlywed couple

The newlywed couple is one of the main force of the consumer of sex underwear.Especially before getting married, many women often prepare some sexy underwear as a surprise after marriage.Sellers can make a clear goal positioning in such a scenario to promote sexy and private sexy underwear.Some styles such as color, leopard, and outdoor sports themes that are loved by newlyweds are good choices.

Paragraph 4: Cersy men and women

Don’t ignore the important buyer of single men and women.Although there is no half of the other half, they don’t want to give up the right to taste life.Therefore, in the process of facilitating single men and women search for these products, sellers may make a lot of labels, such as "single must" and "improve the quality of single life".

Paragraph 5: Adult couple, husband and wife

Adult couples are also one of the main purchasing power of sex underwear. These people have married and have children, but they have not given up their right to explore their lives.Therefore, these husbands and wives also need to have adult and charm sexy underwear.It is a better choice to promote adult sexy underwear and bridge bean sacks.

Paragraph 6: LGBT crowd

The LGBT consumer group has gradually moved towards the public’s vision, and their demand for sexy underwear is relatively large.They prefer to have both beautiful and practical and gender.They also prefer to discover the products they like from many products one day.

Paragraph 7: People who are curious about new things

There is a type of buyer who likes to try new things, as well as sexy underwear.Therefore, innovation and unusual sexy underwear products can attract the attention of consumers.For example, the nightclub queen, witch, pirates and others are all fun underwear styles that can trigger multiple people.

Paragraph 8: People who have requirements for their bodies

For those with a thin body or a large figure, it is a headache to buy a suitable sexy underwear.Therefore, sellers can develop different sizes selection, provide tailor -made services to better meet the needs of consumer groups, and enhance the reputation and reputation of the store.

Paragraph Nine: Derailed Family

Due to the complexity and openness of modern society, derailed families or those who want to seek extramarital affairs are used for sexy lingerie.These sexy underwear often uses more private styles, such as split -panties. In addition, the design is stronger and sexy and dramatic.

Paragraph 10: Summary view

In terms of sales of sexy underwear, it is necessary to adopt more targeted, full and detailed marketing strategies.Based on the different qualitative and quantitatives of the buyer, the target positioning, in -depth understanding of the needs of the TAs, promoting sexy underwear in a better way and improving sales and brand image.Of course, throughout the process, it is crucial to improve the quality of product quality and after -sales service.Only by continuously improving management, while meeting consumer needs can we stand out in such a fierce competitive market.

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