Will girls refuse sexy underwear?


As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear is attractive for many women.However, some girls may feel that this dress is too exposed or not comfortable, and they will refuse to try such costumes.

Cognition of sexy underwear

Some girls have a certain prejudice or misunderstanding of sexy underwear, and they believe that this kind of clothing is only suitable for strong sexual desires or interaction between professional couples.In fact, sexy underwear is also a good choice under some occasions such as celebrations, honeymoon travel, birthday surprises, etc.

Requirements for body figure

Some girls think that wearing sexy underwear must have some requirements, such as having chests and curves.But in fact, the choice of sexy underwear is very wide. You can choose the style that suits you according to the characteristics and preferences of your personal body.

Effect on personality

Some girls feel that they will look too sexy or have an unsuitable image, and they are unwilling to wear such clothing.In fact, the personal character and temperament will also affect the sexy underwear. For example, some cheerful and lively girls will be more willing to try such costumes.

The impact on the perception of partner

Many girls will consider their partner’s perception when choosing sexy underwear, worrying that wearing such clothing will make the partner feel too exposed or not comfortable enough.When purchasing sexy underwear, you can communicate in depth with your partner and choose a style suitable for each other.

Applicability for the occasion

Wearing sexy underwear is usually relatively private, such as at home or meaningful celebrations. If the occasion is not suitable for wearing sexy underwear, girls are likely to refuse to wear such costumes.

Effect on values

Some women may have more conservative values. They believe that wearing sexy underwear will have decent or violated moral bottom lines, so they will refuse to try such costumes.

Consider comfort

Interest underwear is usually close -fitting clothing, and the comfort of wearing is very important for girls.If wearing erotic underwear makes them feel uncomfortable or itching, girls are likely to refuse to try such costumes.

Choose the right style

The choice of sexy underwear is very extensive. For girls who want to try this type of clothing, you can choose the style that suits you according to his personal shape, temperament, occasion, etc., such as sexy lace sexy underwear, tempting perspective sexy underwear, etc.wait.

Combined with personal preferences

In the end, whether girls will refuse to wear sexy underwear are also related to individual preferences and attitudes of clothes and clothing.If girls are more open to sexy and tempting clothing, they are likely to be more willing to try sexy underwear.

in conclusion

In summary, whether girls will refuse sexy underwear, which is related to the individual’s cognition, personality, body, occasion, partner view, values, comfort, comfort, style selection, personal preference and other factors.Girls can choose a sexy underwear that suits them from their own conditions, temperament, and needs, so that they can be more confident and sexy on suitable occasions.

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