After wearing a sexy underwear, the chest will sag down

After wearing a sexy underwear, the chest will sag down

Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is more teasing and sexy, so it has become the preferred set of many women in specific occasions. Then the question comes, why do you make your chest sag?This article will analyze this problem from multiple factors.

1. Most sexy underwear adopts inappropriate structure

Many erotic underwear use different fabrics and structures to achieve more sexy effects.However, these underwear often does not take into account the adaptability and support of women’s body.Some sexy underwear not only provides insufficient support, but also allows the chest to pull down in transparent veil and empty cave.

2. Excessive emphasis on beauty and ignore support

The purpose of many sexy underwear is to increase sexuality and ignore the real purpose of underwear -provide support.Compared to some suitable underwear stores, the efforts of sexy underwear brands in chest support are far from enough.

3. Different body shapes are not matched with sexy underwear

Women in different bodies have different chest types and sizes, and sexy underwear usually only has a standardized model, which makes it difficult to make sex underwear adapt to various body types.When a big breast woman wears sexy underwear, the breast support problem will be greater, because sexy underwear often cannot give enough support, which can easily lead to sagging chest.

4. With thinner shoulder straps and surface texture underwear

Interest underwear usually has thin shoulder straps and thicker hook bands. Sometimes it goes to the chest and shoulders, causing the chest to sag.To make matters worse, many erotic underwear use the surface ribs and folds to obtain higher fashion degrees. These textures will abuse skin discomfort when the clothes run.

5. Dress too long

Once wearing a sexy underwear for a long time, it may cause the chest muscles and elastic tissue to relax and cause a drooping problem.Therefore, don’t wear sexy underwear for a long time, which is not good for chest health.

6. Improper cleaning

Interest underwear is usually a chemical fiber material provided by the manufacturer. Its maintenance and washing requirements are different from cotton underwear.If the washing is improper, it may lead to excessive damage and deformation, which makes the erotic underwear lose its original support and the ability to maintain shape.

7. Poor posture

Poor posture when wearing sex underwear may also cause chest sagging.Therefore, when you are wearing a sexy underwear, try to maintain the correct posture.

8. Improper exercise

Inappropriate movements will cause gravity to cause unnecessary pressure on the chest, leading to sagging on the chest.

in conclusion

There may be many reasons for drooping the chest after wearing sex underwear. From the design and manufacturing of sexy underwear to the body shape, posture and movement.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must choose the right size and appropriate material suitable for your body, and pay attention to the correct way of wear and maintenance.

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