Fun underwear classification Daquan atlas download

Fun underwear classification Daquan atlas download


Interest underwear is a kind of sexy and artistic women’s underwear, suitable for wearing in private places or sex games.This article will introduce you to various types of sexy underwear to help you better choose and understand sexy underwear. At the same time, we have also selected some pictures of sexy underwear for you for your appreciation, reference and download.


The bellyband is the most traditional and oldest sexy underwear. It is an upper dress that only covers the chest, but it does not bind the chest and fully shows the beautiful body curve of women.


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The strap sexy underwear contains one strap as a bouquet device, and two suspenders, one tied to the back of the neck, and the other is tied to the back.Tibetan sexy underwear is a very sexy design that can highlight the cleavage, but also the effect of stretching the leg curve.


Put on lace and have a sexy underwear, you will immediately feel that you become a sexy goddess.It uses soft and smooth fabric and lace lace design, which is very suitable for wearing in romantic private places.


Although the design of the open panties is still a bold attempt for some women, their sexy is an indisputable fact.Open panties perfectly combine sexy and practicality, allowing you to maintain sexy and transparent in private occasions.

Erotic vest

Interest vests are a kind of sexy and comfortable sexy underwear that allows you to reflect sexy charm in private occasions.Interest vests usually use soft fabrics and unique designs. The lace design in the chest and waist can create a perfect curve.

Hanging neck sexy underwear

Hanging neck sexy underwear uses a band tied to the back of the neck as a beam device, which is very similar to the sexy underwear. The difference is that the hanging neck sexy underwear is usually lighter and more transparent, suitable for free to wear in private places.

Sexy Costumes

Erotic pajama

Interest pajamas are the underwear series that can be used in private places such as sleeping or honeymoon.It is different from ordinary pajamas in terms of texture, color, style, tailoring, and details. It uses comfortable fabrics to bring a comfortable feeling when wearing. It is the best choice to show women’s soft temperament.

Underwear suit

Underwear suits are a funny dress containing multiple underwear, which are usually paired with two or underwear and lower body.Its style and shape are diverse, but they have a strong sexy atmosphere, which is very suitable for sex parties and sex games.


Sexy underwear is the best choice to show women’s sexy charm and artistic temperament, but the key to dressing is to choose the appropriate occasion for the suitable sexy underwear.Essence