Fun underwear professional term

Fun underwear professional term

1. Lace Lace (LACE)

Lace lace is a sexy and romantic sexy underwear.There are many patterns and materials on lace lace. The texture looks thin and transparent. It is generally used in the design of underwear, underwear, and the "bellyband" mentioned earlier.

2. Fishnet (Fishnet)

Fish net is composed of fine grids similar to mesh. It is generally used in making socks, socks or task clothing.The design of fish net underwear is usually considered comfortable, the balance of material and elasticity, and has a sense of fashion, sexy and seductiveness.

3. Set (set)

The sexy underwear suit is a set with high -quality, consistent style of underwear, photos and corresponding sex products.etc.Set production skills and attention to details make women full of confidence and interest when they put on them.

4. T -shaped pants (thong)

T -shaped pants, also known as ribbon pants, are usually considered one of the smallest pants.It is a low -waist or ultra -low waist panties.A kind of sexy underwear pants widely used by women.Usually there is only a thin T -type rope at the back.Its lightweight and sexy characteristics make it a common style of sexy underwear.

5. Paper (paddle)

Light -filming, also known as shooting board, is one of the sex products.Its design is mainly for SM, and it is a prop that often used in the process of sex.

6. BlindFold

Eye mask is a cloth that covers the eyes.In sex products, the materials commonly used in eye masks are leather or silk.Many women use eye masks to enhance sexual stimuli, and they often use them when they are subject to restrictions.

7. Crotchless

Through pants are a kind of bottom pants without the crotch, known for their open behavior and extreme exposure.Some women think it will provide more comfort and sexy feelings, while others regard them as one of the important clothing of high -end strip dances.

8. Demi Cup (DEMI CUP)

The half -cup is a kind of underwear design with a ribbon on the upper circumference. The bulging cup cover just wraps the nipple.This design is usually considered to be able to reduce the chest posture and make the chest more compact without losing beauty and sexy.

9. Full Cup (Full Cup)

Wide -angle cup underwear is a plump design, suitable for large breasts and people who need support.It is made of high elastic materials to provide maximum comfort and support.

10. Type transparent (sheer)

Type transparent refers to thin and transparent fabrics, which are usually used to design sexy sexy underwear.It can show women’s sexy carcass lines, allowing women to feel sexy power while feeling romantic feelings.

In general, sexy underwear has many unique design and professional terms.Familiar with these professional terms and design is one of the main points of identifying and purchasing high -quality sexy underwear.At the same time, sexy underwear is also an important way to enhance women’s charm and sexy, which is an indispensable part of sex life.

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