Hancheng Fairy Underwear Factory Recruitment Phone

Hancheng Fairy Underwear Factory Recruitment Phone

Interest underwear is a high -level, sexy and artistic underwear, and has been very popular in recent years.If you have a certain understanding of sexy underwear and like this industry very much, you may wish to consider working to work in Hancheng’s sexy underwear factory.We are a very powerful and large -scale sexy underwear manufacturer, focusing on the production of various styles of sexy underwear.The following is our recruitment phone call. Those who are interested can contact us.

1. Company profile

Hancheng Funwee Underwear Factory was established in 2001 and is located in Henan Korean cities.We are a sexy lingerie company that integrates design, production and sales. The products are widely used in various sexy atmosphere places, with high quality and loved by customers.

2. Recruitment position

The positions we recruit are mainly designers, production workers, sales staff, purchasing personnel, maintenance personnel, etc.Job demand continues to change with the continuous development of the company. For specific needs information, please refer to recruitment advertisements and media release.

3. Recruitment conditions

We have certain basic requirements for the appliances, such as age, academic qualifications, experience, etc. For details, please refer to the recruitment advertisement and media release.In addition to basic requirements, we pay more attention to whether the candidates have the spirit of teamwork, strong sense of responsibility, hard work, hard work, and innovative consciousness.

4. Career development

We provide comprehensive vocational training and promotion mechanisms for each employee. Through regular internal and external training, we will help employees grow rapidly and provide a variety of professional promotion channels.

5. Salary and benefits

We provide employees with competitive salary and perfect benefits, such as social insurance, provident fund, paid annual leave, employee travel, employee birthday benefits, etc.

6. Working environment

We pay attention to employees’ working environment and office space. We provide employees with a safe, clean and comfortable working environment and equipment, so that employees can work in a comfortable environment.

7. Contact information

If you are interested in our recruitment information, welcome to call our recruitment phone number: xxxxxxxxxxx. Our human resources department will arrange interviews as soon as possible to look forward to your joining.

8. Conclusion

As a sexual underwear manufacturer with powerful and development potential, we firmly believe that the business philosophy of "people -oriented, integrity and win -win" is committed to providing all employees with a broad development platform and a good working environment.develop.

Hancheng Fun Underwear Factory welcomes you to inquire, thank you for your attention.

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