How to find a sexy underwear at home

How to find a sexy underwear at home

How can I find a sexy underwear at home?

Interest underwear is usually an indispensable part of our sex life at night, but when we find that the sexy underwear at home is gone, what should I do?How to find it back?Here are a series of suggestions and prompts to help you find the disappeared sexy underwear.

Recall your time and place for your last time you wear a sexy underwear

The first step in looking for missing erotic underwear is to think about your time and place of sexy underwear last time.This will help shrink the scope you are looking for.You can start searching from the bathroom, room, car and other places.If you are sure that the disappeared sexy underwear is indeed at home and is not forgotten at a friend’s house, then you can start searching in depth.

Check all drawers and boxes

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Interest underwear is usually placed in a wardrobe or drawer, so you should check all drawers and boxes.The point is to pay attention to the places you do not often use, which is usually an important source of forgetting or losing items.You can also find it under the clothes or other messy places, because sometimes they may be casually put.

Check the socks drawer

Many people like to hide their sexy underwear in the socks drawer, because this place is usually relatively private and is not easy to find.If the erotic underwear in your home is lost, then this place must be checked.Of course, sexy underwear may also be hidden in other clothing, such as coats, tops, and so on.

Check the laundry basket

If you are a person who often washing sex underwear, they may be in the laundry basket.If you have cleaned them with a washing machine, they may be forgotten in the washing machine.Checking washing baskets and washing machines is an important step in retiring the disappeared sexy underwear.

Check in the car

If you have used sexy underwear outside, or you have fun outside, and leave them inside your car, then checking a car is necessary.You can check the seats under the seat, the exhaust pipe, the trunk and other places.The loss of sexy underwear in the car is very common, so be sure to check it carefully.

Discuss with your partner

If you live with your partner, then they may know the whereabouts of the disappeared sexy underwear.After checking all places, you should discuss with your partner and let them help find it.If they do know the whereabouts of the disappeared erotic underwear, they will get back with them.

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Check your friend’s house

Sometimes sexy underwear is borrowed by friends.When we go out and play in sexy lingerie, sometimes forget to change back to normal clothes, we go home or forget the sexy underwear in the house of friends.So when checking your friend’s house, you must ask if they pick up your sexy underwear.

Buy some new sexy underwear

If you can’t find the disappeared erotic underwear, or you don’t want to continue looking for it anymore, then consider buying some new sexy underwear.There are a variety of sexual emotional and fun underwear to choose from in the market. You can buy a beautiful new underwear, re -enrich your drawers, and create a romantic atmosphere.


When you spend enough time to search for your home and your car, but you still have not found your erotic underwear, don’t be disappointed, you can buy new sexy underwear, or look for disappearance of sexy underwear as a kind of stimulus to do it.EssenceIn this process, you may find more interesting things, which is another wonderful life.