Increased sex underwear

Increased sex underwear


In the past, sexy underwear was mainly facing women with smaller figures.However, this has changed.Now there are many increased sexy underwear. These underwear are not only suitable for large -scale women, but also very sexy to wear.

Increase the design of size underwear

Design increases the size of sexy underwear. It requires special attention.Not only do you need to pay attention to the size of the size, but you also need to consider the characteristics of women in large sizes, such as the support of the chest and the tightening of the waist.Therefore, increasing code sex underwear usually uses wider bands and more hook buckles, and at the same time, the design will be more reasonable and personal.

Growing the material of yin underwear

It is very important to choose materials suitable for large size women.For increasing code erotic underwear, the classic retro fashion materials are elastic mesh eyes and lace.These materials are not only beautiful, but also very good and can adapt to different figures.In addition, some craftsmanship has also improved, such as the increase in textile lines, the strength of the fabric has been further improved.

Increase the dressing experience of size underwear

Increased lingerie will not lose sexy feelings.On the contrary, these underwear are reasonable, with a variety of styles, comfortable materials, and more beautiful after wearing.With reliable support and good tightening effects, the figure of women in large sizes is more exquisite and more confident.

Extracted weight underwear style selection

Increase the style of size underwear is as diverse as ordinary styles.There are brackets and rear -built bras, as well as briefs and slings.In addition, there are many special styles, such as belly dance clothes and embroidered lace underwear.Everyone can find a style that suits them.

Increase the color selection of yin underwear

The color of the increased lingerie is also very rich, not only the classic black and red, but also a lot of color choices.These underwear usually use bright colors, such as pink, purple, and blue, which can well set out the beauty and sexy of women.At the same time, these colors can also show the unique personality of women.

Increase the price of size underwear

With the development of the market, the price is no longer the main factor of restricting women’s purchase of sexy underwear.Now, the price of size underwear is equivalent to ordinary underwear.In addition, there are some more expensive high -end underwear brands on the market.

Store selling increased lingerie

Increasing code sex underwear can be purchased at many professional stores and online stores.In professional stores, salesperson will recommend suitable styles and sizes according to the body and needs of women.In the online store, you can buy your favorite underwear according to your figure and taste.


Now the increase in the market is very mature and the styles are very diverse.Women in large sizes can buy some increasing code sex underwear suitable for their body and taste according to their needs.Choosing underwear that suits you can not only improve the self -confidence and charm of women, but also make people feel beautiful and sexy.

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