Interesting underwear maps between ancient women

Interesting underwear maps between ancient women

Interest underwear is a sexual hint or sexual interest. It can stimulate women’s sexual desire and attract the interest of sexual partners.Although it is very popular in modern times, in fact, it has been widely used in ancient times.

Embroidered corset

Embroidered corset is one of the most common form of sexy underwear in ancient women. It sets off a plump chest curve, combining sexy and elegant, which is very attractive.This corset is famous for its gorgeous embroidery pattern.

花 花 花 花

代 代 is one of the most enthusiastic sexy underwear in ancient women.According to legend, women can wear babies in winter to make the heating circulate in the body and can prevent external evils.But from a deeper perspective, this corset has a sexy function, which can play an irreplaceable role in increasing the sexual charm of women and attracting others.

Flower incense

Judging from the name, the flower incense jacket can trigger people’s imagination.This sexy underwear is extremely popular among ancient women. It is usually made with traditional court satin materials, satin or lace, which can make women show elegant and noble temperament.At the same time, the flower incense jacket can also release a aroma, which can make people easier to be attracted.

Red sock

Red is an important color in ancient Chinese traditional culture, which is linked to many beautiful things such as love and enthusiasm.In ancient times, women wearing red socks were to attract men’s attention and make them more admired by themselves.This sexy underwear is not only in ancient times, but also very popular in modern times.

Ruffled underwear

The design of ruffled underwear is very simple, but it fully reflects the feminine and sexy of the woman.This sexy underwear is often made by light fabrics and details decorated with lotus leaf.Women who put on lotus leaf underwear will feel very relaxed and very sexy.

Princess wedding dress

Princess wedding dresses have a relatively short time of ancient sexy underwear, but it has become an important way to show off beauty between ancient women.This underwear is usually made of gorgeous silk and decorations. The design follows the style of the palace, which is unforgettable.

Zhu Hongzhong

In ancient times, Zhu Se was considered one of the most sexy and attractive colors. Therefore, Zhu Hongzhong also became one of the most important sexy underwear between ancient women.This kind of clothing is usually made of silk or satin, which can highlight the woman’s body curve and make them more sexy and charming.

Lace shorts

Lace shorts are one of the common sexy underwear for women today, but in fact, it has also been widely used in ancient times.This shorts can use lace decoration, which can not only show the beautiful curve of women, but also bring a sexy touch.

Golden corset

Gold is one of the extremely important colors in ancient China. This color is often used to symbolize wealth, honor and glory.In China, many women often wear golden corset to increase their charm and sexy.This kind of corset is usually made of gold ornaments, golden threads, etc., which can make women more confident and attract the attention of others.

White wedding dress

White wedding dresses are one of the most favorite sexy underwear for modern women, but in ancient times, it was also a very popular sexy underwear.The design of the wedding dress is very infectious, for women, it can show one of the best clothes.


Although sexy underwear has been widely used in ancient and modern, in the context of Chinese traditional culture, the use of sexy underwear is more potential than modern society.Nevertheless, modern society still needs to be a "tool" of sexy underwear to satisfy women’s sexy pursuit and performance of sexual obligations.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose according to your body, pattern and color, so as to fully use the potential of sexy underwear.

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