Is there a messy lingerie shop near Chengji Road?

Is there a messy lingerie shop near Chengji Road?

Is there a messy lingerie shop near Chengji Road?


Sexy underwear is a sexy, seductive underwear, and has been welcomed by young women recently.But is there a fun library shop like Chengji Road?This is a very worthy of discussion.

Regional overview

Chengji Road is a major road in Yangpu District, Shanghai. There are many residential communities and commercial districts in the surrounding area. Therefore, theoretically sexy underwear stores may exist.

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Network search

By searching for the "Chengji Road Fun Lingerie Shop" and "Yangpu District Sex Lingerie Shop" on the Baidu map, you can find that there are indeed several sexy underwear shops around.At the same time, you can also find some online shops on the nearby sexy underwear shops on major e -commerce platforms.

Offline inspection

Although online stores can provide some information, if you really want to buy sexy underwear, you still need to go to the physical store to try on it to determine whether it is suitable for you.Therefore, you can go to the physical store to visit to see if there are sexy underwear stores.

Ask the people around

If you can’t find the existence of a sexy lingerie store, you can directly ask the surrounding shops and residents to know if there are such shops existing.

Market demand survey

If you still can’t find a sexy underwear store, you can consider whether there are market needs.You can investigate whether the market demand exists through a questionnaire or other ways in the surrounding residential area to determine whether it is necessary to open a sex underwear shop in this area.



Even if the sexy underwear shop exists, if the distance is too far, consumers will be discouraged.Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether the distance is appropriate when it is determined that there is a sexy underwear store.

Price and quality

When choosing a sexy lingerie store, the price and quality are also the factors that need to be considered.If the price is too high, consumers may consider other channels to buy, and poor quality of sexy underwear will also make consumers lose their interest in buying.

Brand awareness

If the sexy underwear store is a well -known brand, its quality and design are often more first -class, which is also an important choice for consumers.

in conclusion

Through the above methods, we can draw a conclusion that there is indeed sexy underwear shops near Chengji Road, but you need to choose according to specific needs, prices and quality.