Lianyungang sex lingerie clothing

Lianyungang sex lingerie clothing

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular, especially at nightclubs.And some people may not know what kind of industry behind these sweet and sexy underwear is made.This article will introduce the process of Lianyungang’s sexy underwear.

1. Introduction to Lianyungang’s sexy underwear clothing industry

Lianyungang City is located in southern Jiangsu and is one of the largest cotton textile markets in China.This fiber is one of the materials of many sexy underwear.Therefore, this city has become a widespread application of sexy underwear clothes.The scale of the clothing industry in Lianyungang City is also very large.

2. Preparation of raw materials

Sex underwear is usually made of special fabrics, which requires preparation in the raw material department.For underwear -making manufacturers such as Lianyungang, they will choose to purchase raw materials locally or cooperate with suppliers in other cities.There are some common raw materials: silk, cellulose, lace, etc.

3. Design

Designers will consider a series of factors, including styles, suitable crowds, design details, etc. to ensure that products meet market demand.Designers must first find some real inspiration (such as seeing in fashion magazines), and then convert them into specific steps required for the production process.

4. Cutting and sewing

Once the design of the underwear is approved, the manufacturing process begins.Most manufacturers began to cut raw materials with cutting machines to obtain the required shapes and sizes.These parts were then sent to workers for sewing.This requires them to use different wires and needles for different components to ensure the strength and quality of underwear.

5. Auxiliary accessories

Interest underwear not only refers to the clothes and belt -like clothes, but also include some auxiliary accessories, such as bodybuilding pants and busty skirts, which help form a perfect body curve.These auxiliary accessories are achieved by elastic materials and cushions full of air.

6. Inspection and packaging

Once the production is completed, the underwear will be sent to the internal inspection department for a final quality inspection.Inspectors usually use very detailed inspection forms to ensure that each component and details of the underwear meet the prescribed standards.Once the inspection is passed, these underwear will be packed and will be sent to the sales location.

7. Sales

Now these sexy underwear are sent to dealers and stores in various cities.Some sexy underwear manufacturers will be sold on the Internet, while others are retail to consumers.Regardless of the sales channel, underwear must go through strict quality testing to ensure the needs and standards of customers.

8. Facing the future

As a customer’s demand is getting higher and higher, and the sexywear industry is constantly improving.Some innovative technology and materials have been introduced to improve the quality and comfort of sexy underwear.In the future, sexy underwear may increase more hardware facilities, such as fitness equipment, so that it will be more diversified and can meet the needs of different customers.

Summary of view:

Interest underwear clothing is an industry full of imaginative and technical challenges.Lianyungang’s sex underwear industry has a leading position in China, and has a high competitive advantage in the global market.In the future, we will see more innovation and technological progress in order to further improve the quality and comfort of the sexy underwear industry.In the end, consumers will benefit from it because they can get more comfortable and innovative sexy underwear.

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