Pearl erotic underwear self -operated

Introduction: The continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market

In modern society, sex is no longer a taboo or embarrassing topic, and the market in the sex underwear industry has also expanded rapidly.Various types of erotic underwear are constantly being new. Not only are all kinds of materials and styles, but the brands are also colorful.

Understand the material and style of love underwear

Fun underwear has a variety of materials, such as silk, lace, polyester, etc., and they are suitable for different occasions, atmospheres and users.

In addition, the styles and uses of sexy underwear are so complicated. From thin and transparent lace sexy underwear to more comfortable and more conducive to the body’s pearl sexy lingerie, sexy underwear on the market has more and more multi -purpose and functions.

What is pearl sexy underwear

Pearl erotic underwear is a very soft and soft sexy underwear.

The special feature of pearl sex lingerie is that there are pearl -like substances on its surface and inside.They can not only increase the pleasure of sex, but also protect the sensitive nerves and relieve muscle fatigue.

Pearl sex underwear type

Another important topic is, what kind of pearl sexy underwear is suitable for you?

Pearl erotic underwear has different shapes and styles.There are long -sleeved pearl sexy underwear, short -sleeved pearl sexy underwear, sleeve -free pearl sexy underwear and so on.You can choose the most suitable pearl sexy underwear according to different occasions, needs and feelings.

Advantages of pearl sex underwear

Compared with the sexy underwear of other materials, pearl sex lingerie has the following advantages:

Strong fit, soft and comfortable

Honesty design can increase the pleasure of sex

Pearl patch can improve the sensitivity of genitals

Pearl erotic underwear has a good nursing effect on long -term sex or repeated high -intensity sex

How to correctly use pearl sex lingerie

Beads and color underwear can bring pleasure and sexual blessings to people, but must learn to use correctly to avoid unnecessary damage:

Cleaning: Before and after each use, clean the pearl sexy underwear with warm water

Storage: When storing pearl sexy underwear, keep it clean and dry

Use: If the friction is too strong, it may be scratched and sensitive nerves. The closer to the position of the pearl, the more fragile the sensitive nerves, you need to pay more attention to slowly rubbing

How to choose the right pearl sexy underwear size

It is very important to choose the appropriate pearl sexy underwear size, because the size is too large or too small, which may cause pearl erotic underwear to be unsuitable or inadequate:

Fully understand your figure

Check the size table and compare your own volume and size

Try different sizes to find the pearl sexy underwear that combines your body

Sexy and health balance points

For many people, the use of pearl sexy underwear is an attempt to seek sexy and healthy balance.By listening to the voices, feelings and needs of your body, the type, style, color and size of pearl sex lingerie can not only enhance the fun of sexual life, but also improve your physical health.

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