Red Mansion Dream Sex Place

Red Mansion Dream Sex Place


The Dream of Red Mansion is a classic in Chinese classical novels. It not only leads a era in literature, but also has a vital role in knowing us about ancient culture.Today we will introduce to you how to use the classic elements in the Dream of Red Mansions to create a sexy sexy underwear.

Element 1: Jinling Twelve Sisters

Jinling Twelve is an important figure in the dream of the Red Mansion. Each of them has a clear personality and unique charm. It is a goddess in the hearts of many people.We can show the temperament of Jinling Twelve Girls by adding elements such as girls and Yuanyuan in sexy underwear.

Element 2: Mother Jia’s prestige

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Mother Jia is a typical Mrs. Kuang in the dream of the Red Mansion. The kind of prestige emitted from her body is awesome, and at the same time, it is also impressive.We can use high -grade silk, lace and other materials to create a noble temperament of Jia’s mother.

Element 3: Daiyu’s depression

Dai Yu is a melancholy woman in the dream of the Red Mansion. Her image makes the whole novel look more profound and emotional.We can show Daiyu’s melancholy emotions by using black and dark colors, making sexy underwear more and more interesting.

Element 4: Xue Baodi’s dignity

Xue Baodi is a dignified woman, and her image makes people feel very harmonious.We can reflect Xue Baodi’s dignified and generous temperament by joining the tube top sexy underwear, showing the charm of mature women.

Element 5: Wang Xifeng’s cleverness

Wang Xifeng is a very witty woman. In the whole novel, she is a symbol of intellectual.We can create Wang Xifeng’s intelligent and witty image by joining a variety of details such as bow and lace, making people feel more elegant.

Element 6: Dai Zong’s romance

Dai Zong is a man full of male charm and is very popular in the novel.We can add elements such as lace and embroidery to underwear to create Dai Zong’s romantic charm and show the sexy charm of men.


Element 7: Jia Baoyu’s innocence

Jia Baoyu is a teenager in the dream of the Red Mansion. He has a charm that makes people feel innocent.We can use elements such as girly and bow to create a innocent and lovely image of Jia Baoyu, which makes people feel tender.

Element 8: The emotional story of Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu

The emotional story of Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu is a classic in the dream of the Red Mansion, and their image shows deep emotions.We can show the romantic emotions of the two by using hip -hip -type and low -cut underwear, making people feel emotionally intertwined.

Element 9: Luxury of Grand View Garden

The Grand View Garden is a very important element in the Dream of Red Mansions, which shows the luxurious life of ancient women.We can create the luxurious atmosphere of Grand View Garden by using leopard prints, lace and other elements, making people feel very noble and comfortable.

Element 10: The artistic style of the Dream of Red Mansions

As a classic in ancient literature, the Dream of Red Mansion has a very unique artistic style.We can use various details and elements to create the unique artistic style of the Dream of Red Mansions, which makes people feel very charming.

in conclusion

During the design process of sexy underwear, we can learn from the elements in the dream of the Red Mansion to create a variety of different styles.The use of exquisite materials and craftsmanship, combined with classic elements, can make sexy underwear more exquisite and unique, so that wearers can better show their charm and personality while more healthy and confident.